The Gardener with Dorothy Dobbie

The Gardener with Dorothy Dobbie is a spin-off from the popular Sunday morning garden show that has been running on Winnipeg radio for 20 years. Dorothy has an eclectic line up of expert guests to talk about gardening and garden-related issues. Always informative and fun, she brings you up to the minute news about the latest in gardening trends and methods as well talks about birds and bees and all good things about nature.

The Gardener: Episode 29

Are you a gardener with a passion for plants but wish you knew more about his whole fascinating world? Maybe you should consider becoming a Master Gardener. Marilyn Dudek, one of Manitoba’s first master gardeners tells us she reached her dream and helped other Manitobans with a like passion, discover how they could do the same.

The Gardener: Episode 28

Tim Chapman is the CEO of the International Peace Garden, a beautiful place on the border of Manitoba and North Dakota where you can move seamlessly from one country to another without interference.

The Gardener: Episode 27

John Barrett, Director of Sales, Marketing & Development of Veseys Seeds met Dorothy way back in Winnipeg before he moved to Prince Edward Island and became a garden man.

The Gardener: Episode 26

Dorothy Talks to Mr. Tomato, Brian, about his leadership in the garden product world. He tells how his gardening interests started back when he was only 11 years old, and his mother would have him mow the grass with an old rotary lawn mower. He was captivated by the smell of fresh grass, and he remembers distinctly the feeling it gave him.

The Gardener: Episode 25

Kevin and Dorothy spend a soothing hour or so talking about the wonderful things in the world that make life worthwhile. Listen while you go for a walk in the forest or spend a quiet afternoon dreaming of spring.

The Gardener: Episode 24

Shea and Dorothy talk about what to be planting right now: garlic chives, everbearing strawberries and Asclepias (the red ones).

The Gardener: Episode 23

Jan Pedersen’s personal garden is kaleidoscope of colour, shape, texture and form all created by his skill in landscaping with trees and shrubs. Jan, who was once the co-owner of Shelmerdine Garden Centre, the largest garden centre in Manitoba, also spent 10 years working for one of the foremost growers of hardy shrubs and trees in Canada, Bylands Nurseries out of Kelowna. Jan is a knowledgeable guy.

The Gardener: Episode 22

Dorothy Dobbie and Matt Vinet of Green Drop Trees discuss the world of Winnipeg trees. They touch on the special trees of this is city and indeed the province. Why do we see lone trees set against the vast prairie sky in the middle of a field with no other trees for miles around? Were they planted by some former pioneer or by a passing bird?

The Gardener: Episode 21

The Year of the Garden 2022 is a celebration of our national garden culture and also commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association.

The Gardener: Episode 20

Kevin Twomey returns home from an eco-conference in the United States. He is filled with wonder and excitement over what he learned, and he shares his excitement with Dorothy.

The Gardener: Episode 19

Dorothy and Shea discuss how to keep your favourite houseplants alive and healthy. They talk about why poinsettias lose their leaves when you bring them home from the shop and how to prevent this.

The Gardener: Episode 18

When was the last time you went to the International Peace Garden or even thought about the fact that this one-of-a-kind garden straddles the border between Canada and the United States near Boissevain? Today, current chair of the board, Dorothy Dobbie, and former Chair (and awardee of a Manitoba 150 medal) Charlie Thomsen, take you on a journey of discovery into how the garden came to be and how it looks now.

The Gardener: Episode 17

Our company, Pegasus Publications Inc., is a family affair. Shauna Dobbie, who is not the editor of Canada’s Local Gardener is company founder Dorothy’s daughter. Ian Leatt, now the president of the company, is Dorothy’s “adopted” son and Shauna’s “adopted” brother. Together, the three of them love to garden and in this episode, they look back at what worked, what didn’t, and why in the summer of ’21.

The Gardener: Episode 16

This coming year, 2022, has been proclaimed the Year of the Garden in Canada. Canada’s Local Gardener in the official English language magazine for the event. Dorothy Dobbie, who is part of the Advisory Committee, talks to organizer, Michel Gauthier, and Manitoba Communities in Bloom rep, Rebecca Sokol of Arizona, Manitoba.

The Gardener: Episode 15

Shea Doherty gives us a sneak preview into what to expect on his greenhouse shelves in the coming season.

The Gardener: Episode 14

Kevin Twomey, the former owner of T & T Seeds, returns to talk about what to do in fall.

The Gardener: Episode 13

Mr. Tomato, the creator of the gardeners’ aids, Sea Magic and Kosy Coats, shares his thoughts on the upcoming Prairie Garden 2022 edition which he guest edited.

The Gardener: Episode 12

When Milan Lukes was 11, he became fascinated with giant pumpkins and started on his own journey to a Manitoba championship.

The Gardener: Episode 11

Kevin Twomey, the long-time owner of T & T Seeds who has just sold T & T Seeds and is now retired with his brother Brian, is still eager to stay involved in some way. He has an amazing compendium of gardening experience to share. He has grown everything from trees to flowers to his favourite, vegetables.

The Gardener: Episode 10

In this episode, Shauna and Dorothy head out to Saskatchewan looking for gardens for Canada’s Local Gardener magazine, stopping first at Virden where Manitoba MLA and Deputy Speaker Doyle Piwniuk has a garden that focusses on amazing tree combinations. One of those trees is a ginkgo, the dinosaur tree, that grow happily in his sheltered garden. He has also built an incredible Mediterranean courtyard, surrounded by trees in his backyard.

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The Gardener: Episode 9

As the publishers of Canada’s Local Gardener magazine (previously Manitoba Gardener, Alberta Gardener and Ontario Gardener), my daughter Shauna Dobbie and I head west to explore the gardens of B.C and Alberta.

The Gardener: Episode 8

If you have been wondering how the Million Tree Challenge is coming, Matt has the answer. A long-time member of the Trees Winnipeg board, he is up to date on all the details. Trees Winnipeg will double its Releaf program this fall. Matt says that the spring edition sold out in five days. Releaf Tree Planting program is where Trees Winnipeg offers a variety of trees very well-suited to Winnipeg at amazing prices to the public. And they teach you how to plant the tree you buy! https://www.treeswinnipeg.org/our-urban-forest/our-projects/releaf-tree-planting-program

The Gardener: Episode 7

Dorothy Dobbie talks with Michel Gauthier of the Canadian Garden Council in Ottawa https://gardenscanada.ca/canadian-garden-council/  about Canada’s annual Garden Days. This national celebration runs from June 12 to June 20, 2021. Garden Days is a chance to commemorate your garden by posting photos on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #Garden Days or #It’s time to garden. ScottsMiracle-Gro is offering a beautiful garden basket to the best photo this year, so be sure to enter. It all culminates in National Garden Day on June 19, right before Father’s Day.

The Gardener: Episode 6

Flower fairyland is another good name for Our Farm Greenhouse of Portage la Prairie. It is a bucket-list trip for Winnipeggers every spring. Shea Doherty has one of the largest collections of hard-to-find petunias, and just about everything else you can imagine.

The Gardener: Episode 5

Guest this week on The Gardener, Sherrie Versluis, the bird lady of Winnipeg and owner of the Preferred Perch, talks about all the bird varieties we are seeing this spring and tells why they seem to be so prominent.

The Gardener: Episode 4

This week in The Gardener, we take a walk through the garden of Shannon Gage, well, at least through the garden in her mind’s eye as we are locked down once again. Shannon has been gardening since she was a girl. And for her post secondary school, she studied landscape design at Olds College in Alberta.

The Gardener: Episode 3

In episode 3 of The Gardener, we visit the International Peace Garden with CEO, Tim Chapman. The International Peace Garden straddles the border between North Dakota and Manitoba...

The Gardener: Episode 2

Host Dorothy Dobbie interviews T&T Seeds owner Kevin Twomey about getting ready to garden in early May. Manitobans find it hard to believe that gardeners from coast to coast to coast wait until the May 24th long weekend to start their gardens in earnest.

The Gardener: Episode 1

Shea Doherty of Our Farm Greenhouse in Portage La Prairie is the inaugural guest of the Episode 1 of The Gardener on Lifestyles 55 Digital Radio.

The Gardener: Episode 20

Kevin Twomey returns home from an eco-conference in the United States. He is filled with wonder and excitement over what he learned, and he shares his excitement with Dorothy.