Lifestyles 55 Digital Radio

WINNIPEG’S FIRST  Digital Radio Station in the making! Tune in to hear The Gardener with Dorothy Dobbie, My Generation and Off the Record with John Einarson; Summer Sounds with Greg Gardner; The Retro Rec Room with Alex Regiec and John Panting; and Golden’s Oldies with Chis Golden and many more to come. . .

Dorothy Dobbie

Dorothy Dobbie is a gardener by birth. The great outdoors is her natural home, and she is fascinated by all things green and growing. She likes to look closely at the hows and whys of growing and loves to hear and learn from others.

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John Einarson

Born and raised in Winnipeg, John Einarson is an acclaimed musicologist, broadcaster, educator, and award-winning author of 15 music biographies published worldwide including Neil Young, Randy Bachman, John Kay of Steppenwolf...

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Jim Ingebrigtsen

Jim has been involved in almost all aspects of media for more than 40 years. He appeared on almost 30 television programs, hosted or guest hosted on numerous radio networks including on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

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Chris Golden

Chris’ DJ career started in 1969 while living in his home country of the UK. He began by working small gigs and quickly became one of the go-to DJs after joining Avenue Artists Entertainment agency in 1971 when he became a resident DJ...

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John Panting and Alex Regiec

John Panting and Alex Regiec are both busmen and broadcasters. Transportation was their labour of love for 28+ years but talking into microphone and spinning records for their listeners is their passion.
John attended Red River College ...

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Greg Gardner

I’ve been surrounded by music, records, and radio practically my whole life. However, unlike my father, Cliff (CKX, CKRC, CJOB) or my younger brother Ford (CKY, 92 CITI), I preferred to perform music rather than play it on the radio. But actually, my first foray into radio...

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