Greg Gardner

I’ve been surrounded by music, records, and radio practically my whole life. However, unlike my father, Cliff (CKX, CKRC, CJOB) or my younger brother Ford (CKY, 92 CITI), I preferred to perform music rather than play it on the radio. But actually, my first foray into radio was in the 1950s, on CKRC’s “The Blue Boy Show” (sponsored by the popular ice cream.) I was six years old and I "was" the Blue Boy.

In those days, I was developing my own taste with Gene Vincent, The Ventures, The Beatles and The Stones, etc. – and my Dad would shrug his shoulders in the same way I did at Sinatra, Martin Denny, Miles Davis and Nelson Riddle. Years later, Dad was back on the air again, but playing The Doors, John Lennon and The Guess Who – and liking them! Meanwhile, I was digging out his Duke Ellington, Jobim, Miles Davis and Julie London records. We both benefited from broadening our interests in an extensive variety of great music of many genres. I enjoy being able to share some of these musical adventures with the listener's eardrums!