Bill Quinn

Bill was the bass singer and front man for the Easy Ts a Winnipeg vocal group which toured from Canada’s west coast to Quebec, 5 northern States and Iceland. The quartet recorded 4 albums and made numerous radio and television appearances across the country. Bill also toured Western Canada and recoded a live CBC album with the Small Rooms, a folk trio with well-known vocalists James Hickerson and Kate Ferris. He currently sings with The Very Groovy Things, a Mamas and Papas tribute band. Bill taught music in the city for 30 years at all grade levels, specializing in choral and musical theatre. Bill was the producer and musical director for a production of Les Mis with Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre artistic director Steven Schipper at Balmoral Hall. He has been a church choir director since 2013. Quinn’s podcast Bill’s Folk Festival explores folk music from his own experiences and perspective as a folk performer. Bill focuses on the Canadian folk scene and international music he has personally encountered on tour or in concert halls, festivals and folk clubs  around the world. Tune in and turn on to Bill’s Folk Festival here on Lifestyles 55 Digital Radio.