The Possibilitarians – let’s just do it!

Manitobans used to be among the most entrepreneurial people in the world, full of bold ideas and get-it-done gumption. Then for years, we seemed to lose this spirit as big government put a hold on our energies and inertia set in. Now Winnipeg’s Metropolitan Region is showing that we still own our let’s-just-do-it nature and how we can get it back.

I have an aboriginal friend who is also an entrepreneur and who has the best advice in the world for his fellow man: If you want to do something, just do it!

That used to be the spirit that motivated Manitobans to move mountains, and we did. Continue reading The Possibilitarians – let’s just do it!

Remembering un temps-passé

Ian Leatt

I love the outdoors, don’t you? The smell of the air when it rains, the coolness of a breeze on a hot sunny day. The warmth of the sun on your flesh when you lie down and let the world go by. How amazing it is, this world of ours.

The freshly arrived colours of spring are enchanting, while the sun’s glare in summer captures us in its own unyielding light. Now we are moving into another vibrant time, when the trees and shrubs close ranks to offer a cascade of earthy colours, and we cheerily look on as the changed colour patterns gradually settle into the landscape around us. Continue reading Remembering un temps-passé

Report from the senate: Rail service for Churchill

Common sense and compassion seem to have deserted the main players in the debate over fixing the rail line to Churchill, where the citizens are facing a cold, hungry and expensive winter if something doesn’t happen soon.

Our advice to the federal government would be to repair the rail line first and try to collect the money later. Indeed, Polar Industries of Ice Road Truckers, is looking to create a winter road from Gillam to Churchill to bring in supplies during the frozen months. This would be a good opportunity to use that road to haul in the materials needed to repair the line. Using the overland route to bring in supplies could save transportation costs and reduce the repair bill that Omnitrax estimates at $43 million (although locals say the cost would be much less). Continue reading Report from the senate: Rail service for Churchill

Change the way you age

Kevin Klein
Real Life Aging

I have always considered myself a healthy person. I believed I ate properly. I exercised enough. I felt I would never age because I was doing the right things for my body. Well, I learned the hard way that I was totally wrong. I was living in my own little world and I was beginning to age without truly noticing the effects. Continue reading Change the way you age

The Poppy Campaign

The Royal Canadian Legion’s annual Poppy Campaign is gearing up. The Poppy, the international symbol of Remembrance, is worn from the last Friday in October until the end of the day on Nov. 11.

Lt-Colonel John McCrae is the person who was responsible more than any other for the adoption of the Poppy in Canada. With his poem, In Flanders Field, his words immortalized the thoughts of our soldiers and became the symbol of Remembrance for those who died. Continue reading The Poppy Campaign

All about living in the age of maturity

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