Outdoor Adventures in Manitoba – Crooked Mountain Cabins

Crooked Mountain Cabins lie nestled into the rolling wilderness just south of beautiful Riding Mountain National Park. These four charming cabins provide the perfect holiday retreat for peaceful nature lovers of all ages. Each cabin comes fully equipped with all amenities as well as a screened-in porch with comfy wicker furniture and BBQ. Enjoy a 180-degree panoramic view of the wildflower meadow and valley beyond or head out for a hike on the groomed trails that meander throughout the spruce forest. Continue reading Outdoor Adventures in Manitoba – Crooked Mountain Cabins

A banana a day really does keep the doctor away…

Ian Leatt Foodie
Ian Leatt

A very dear friend of mine who will remain nameless (Cindy) says her favorite dessert is banana cream pie. For me, it is a close run thing, but the pie is for sure high up on the list. Why? Well why not? It is light, fluffy and downright delicious.

A banana is a natural remedy for many ills. When you compare it to an apple, it has five times the vitamin A and iron, four times the protein, three times the phosphorus, twice the carbohydrate and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is rich in potassium. As for value, well it really is value for money. “A banana a day surely does keep the doctor away!” Continue reading A banana a day really does keep the doctor away…

Starting off on a stress-busting journey

Health services and community support is available for those in need.

Krystal Simpson Healthy Living
Krystal Simpson
Healthy Living

Have you ever felt your heart pounding on a rollercoaster or a knot in your stomach before you step on a plane? If the answer is yes, then you’re well-acquainted with how the stress hormone feels in your body. Stress is a part of everyday life for so many people, and older adults are no exception. If something is keeping you awake at night, that something may be chronic stress. When stress is long-lasting, it can lower your immune function, increase your risk of disease and accelerate the aging process. Continue reading Starting off on a stress-busting journey

Karel Funk: at home in the hood

A much-celebrated Winnipeg artist comes home, with paintings that awaken us to realities in our everyday existence

By Gordon Gage

There may be nothing more satisfying for an artist who has international recognition than to find their work being exhibited in their own home town, and that is certainly the case for Winnipeg’s Karel Funk. We often talk about Winnipeggers leaving home to explore opportunities elsewhere, hoping they return to their roots. In this instance we have the opportunity to celebrate this Winnipeg born and based painter, who is known for his portraits of lone figures and hooded avatars. Continue reading Karel Funk: at home in the hood

Protecting the family cottage when the tax bill comes in

The longer you’ve owned the property, the larger the tax when you die. Would-be heirs could be the losers.

Today, many Canadian families own more than one home, the second property usually being a cottage. Though some cottage owners do not realize it, this second property can create significant tax liabilities for their estate upon their death. Unlike your primary residence, the cottage will be taxable. Continue reading Protecting the family cottage when the tax bill comes in

All about living in the age of maturity


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