Downtown belongs to the people

In our Winnipeg, it has always been a central and inclusive meeting place – where people have gathered, raised their voices, been heard and respected and kept safe.

Stefano Grande

Last month, hundreds of thousands of women and their supporters took to the streets in Washington, D.C. and in cities across the United States and Canada and around the world in anti-Trump marches. These marches – powerful, historic and inclusive – took place in the downtown neighbourhoods of their respective cities. Continue reading Downtown belongs to the people

Benefits of therapeutic horseback riding for disabled children

Jade a ten year old rider has been participating with the Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association (MRDA) program since the spring of 2013. MRDA is a non-for profit charitable organization that provides therapeutic horseback riding to disabled children and has been doing this since 1977. Jade has made substantial gains in her ability to sit up independently, able to maintain her balance in response to her horse’s movement, has increased her ability to communicate with others, and become much more interactive with her non-disabled peers… just to name a few of her gains during her time in the program. Continue reading Benefits of therapeutic horseback riding for disabled children

CJNU Nostalgia Radio has been on air here for 10 years!

By Adam Glynn

When CJNU – Nostalgia Radio hit the air for the first time in December, 2006, building on the efforts of other Canadian nostalgia stations, CKVN and CHNR, those involved could only dream that “the little station that could” would grow and become an integral part of the community in Winnipeg.

CJNU’s home studio is located on the 13th floor of the Richardson Building at Portage and Main, truly at the heart of the community, with space provided courtesy of the Winnipeg Foundation. But uniquely, the station moves their main broadcast location throughout the year, being broadcast each month on behalf of a different community non-profit or charitable organization. Continue reading CJNU Nostalgia Radio has been on air here for 10 years!

To a healthier, more active 2017

Regular physical activity, nutritious food are key to healthy living

Hon. Kelvn Goertzen Minister's Message
Hon. Kelvn Goertzen
Minister’s Message

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind us, it is a great time to take stock of ourselves and decide what we can do to improve our lives. Health-related goals, especially getting more physically active and eating right, are the most common resolutions, and for good reason.

It’s essential to stay active at any age. An active lifestyle not only keeps our bodies and minds in shape, it can prevent us from developing or help manage chronic illnesses, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Continue reading To a healthier, more active 2017

Resolve to earn yourself a healthier 2017

Nathan Zassman Aviva Natural Health Solutions
Nathan Zassman
Aviva Natural Health Solutions

Along with the merriment of holiday celebrations often comes an over-indulgence in food and drink. Many people seek wellness advice after the holidays, as the arrival of a new year can provide a great opportunity to establish better health habits.

The most common queries I receive after the holidays are for weight loss, cleansing and detoxification solutions, excessive calories, alcohol, junk food and desserts having left the body in need of a wellness reboot. I like to look at a broad approach to achieving these goals. According to the World Health Organization, we need a balance of physical, mental, and emotional health for optimum wellness. Continue reading Resolve to earn yourself a healthier 2017

All about living in the age of maturity

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