Manitoba’s forgotten military base near Brandon

By Derek Gagnon

One of the last trench systems of the First World War lies mostly untouched, but for the work of time that has made the trenches that zig zag across the ground into little more than ruts in places.

Gone are the sandbags, the guns and the men who once called this place home for extended periods. Continue reading Manitoba’s forgotten military base near Brandon

Don some golden gloves, and make someone happy

Jim Pappas

In my elementary years I attended Laura Secord School on Wolseley Avenue. In grade six I had a classroom teacher called Blanche Coxworth. She was an amazing teacher, very committed to her students and giving them as much passion as she possessed.

One thing she taught us has stayed with me all my life. Every day before we began the school day we all had to put on our “golden gloves”, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Such a simple concept, yet it seems to have eluded many people in our world today. Continue reading Don some golden gloves, and make someone happy

Bring the songs of summer home

A careful choice of food and feeders can make your home a sanctuary for birds of spectacular colour and song offerings of great sweetness.

Sherrie Versluis
Feathered Friends

Nature, in our own back yards, provides a precious tranquil space in summer, offering among other blessings the best medicine we have for de-stressing. For people who combine the hobbies of gardening and feeding wild birds, the rewards are many. The beauty and fragrance of flowers along with the colours and songs of birds are food for the soul.

When it comes to attracting wild birds in summer, there are specific feeders and foods as well as plants that can help you draw in some spectacular species. Here are some tips that can bring great results. Continue reading Bring the songs of summer home

Be on the alert for fraud and scams

Hon. Kelvn Goertzen
Minister’s Message

Fraud is the number one crime against older Canadians. Common types of fraud and scams include identity theft, credit or debit card fraud, online scams, and phone and door-to-door scams.

Though anyone can be a victim of fraud, older people are frequently targeted because they are perceived as financially stable, trusting, generous, and courteous. Older adults may also be home during the day to answer the door or phone and, depending on the circumstances, may not have family or friends close by to ask for a second opinion. Continue reading Be on the alert for fraud and scams

Springtime brings super sandwiches with friends

Ian Leatt

Don’t you just love spring? I know we Manitobans love the winter, hardened to it by our way of life, but spring is something quite apart. The melting of the snow, the garden coming to life, the birds greeting us in the morning with their melodious outpourings.

Spring surely is a time of new beginnings. Venturing into the greenhouse and starting seeds – that’s my way of knowing spring really is here. The smell of the soil always brings on my smile: happy pheromones. Continue reading Springtime brings super sandwiches with friends

All about living in the age of maturity

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