5 Low-Impact Exercises That Won’t Hurt Your Joints

One of the biggest fitness problems that comes along with aging is the issue of sore joints. Many of us who are active even begin to experience these problems in our 20s and 30s, let alone in our 50s and 60s! And to an extent, it’s something we just have to deal with. Certain exercises, like playing sports or doing rigorous cardio or strength training, can strain joints. But if it’s at the point of discomfort, or if you’re simply looking for ways to stay fit while preserving your joints, these are five low-impact exercises you might want to work into your routine.

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Family Dynamics – strengthening families and communities for 80 years

By Holly Puckall and Millie Braun

Winnipeg in the 1930s:

The stock market crashed at the end of 1929, the price of wheat fell to below the cost of seed and the Great Depression smothered the Prairies with poverty and unemployment. On top of that, 1930 was the start of a ten year drought and dust storms. Many were forced to move from farms to the cities to search for new jobs. In 1932, the unemployment rate in Winnipeg was the second highest in Canada. Continue reading Family Dynamics – strengthening families and communities for 80 years

The women of my past

Jim Pappas

I was indeed a very lucky person to be the first born grandchild in my mother’s family. I was surrounded by women from a very early age and, as I grew and matured, I began to see the benefit of having them in my life.

They were a complex group, my mother and her sisters. There were so many facets to them that it left the mind dizzy trying to sort it all out. Continue reading The women of my past

Say Yes to NO, the miracle molecule

Nathan Zassman
Aviva Natural Health Solutions

When I founded Aviva Natural Health Solutions seventeen years ago, my primary focus was to offer research-based dietary, supplement, exercise and lifestyle recommendations that could help people achieve optimum health. Continue reading Say Yes to NO, the miracle molecule

Remembering Selkirk-born Laufey Olson

A Manitoba deaconess for four decades, a passionate leader in the province’s Lutheran Church

By Fred Morris

Sister Laufey Olson, Deaconess from 1959-1969

As the Lutheran Church celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, it is appropriate to remember one of Manitoba’s legendary Lutherans. In 1917, Laufey Olson was born in Selkirk. She married Pastor Carl Olson. They served in Flin Flon and a couple of Nebraska parishes. After his 1951 death, she continued her church work. Between 1952 and 1955, she was the parish secretary of Grace Lutheran in Lincoln, Neb. She earned two university degrees. On June 8, 1959 she was consecrated as a deaconess. Continue reading Remembering Selkirk-born Laufey Olson

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