Exercise programs are adding huge benefits to social networking at local senior centres

Krystal Simpson
Healthy Living

Let’s take a quick poll. If you could exercise with a buddy, would you be more inclined to do so? How about a walking club, would you join one? If the answer is yes, you may not have to look much further than your local senior centre.

Senior centres across the province provide a meeting place for seniors who can be at risk for social isolation, helping them stay connected to their community. Many centres also incorporate health promotion and healthy living initiatives into their programs. Senior centres are well-positioned to provide a platform for social interaction and can be a great venue for exercise programs as well. For older adults, when you combine exercise with a supportive social environment, the benefits grow exponentially. Continue reading Exercise programs are adding huge benefits to social networking at local senior centres

Finding the payoff from a walk in the woods

We all know that people today are busy, busy. So there’s always a quick answer available when someone puts a question like, “Why don’t we do more of what makes our brains happy?” But hold it a minute. That’s a very new question. How are we supposed to know what makes our brains happy, anyway?

Most of us probably have no idea. But we’re in an age when answers have started to emerge and, busy or not, many of us could find it a worthwhile investment of our time to sit down with The Nature Fix, a new book by Florence Williams, who happens to have been the person who put the question. Continue reading Finding the payoff from a walk in the woods

Trump derangement syndrome

By Toby Rutner

When the NY Times tells you that the rubes and hicks and rednecks in flyover-country, U.S.A. have elected the Anti-Christ; when stars and celebrities, who tell us what deodorant to wear and what cars to buy, are apoplectic because the Russians have stolen our democracy and installed the Manchurian Candidate in the White House; when Chicken Little is now crying that the sky already fell; when Fareed and Wolf, and Rachel and Morning Joe have started the countdown clock to impeachment; when you think it’s alright to punch a Nazi and that Free Speech means that it is okay to trash a campus to protect your constitutional right to be free from my speech; when Katy Perry and Bill Maher do your thinking for you; when you stop going to family dinners and no longer speak to your idiot neighbours, you have a bad case of TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome. Continue reading Trump derangement syndrome

Staying cool, healthy and safe this summer

Hon. Kelvn Goertzen
Minister’s Message

Whether you’re enjoying a barbecue with family and friends, getting active or attending one of our province’s many summer festivals, summer in Manitoba is hard to beat. We’re one of the sunniest provinces in Canada, so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors under clear, blue skies.

I hope your summer is filled with exciting outdoor fun, but while you’re enjoying the many summer festivities that Manitoba offers, please take care to protect yourself from heat and sun exposure. Continue reading Staying cool, healthy and safe this summer

Sharing true patriot love during our celebratory year

By Helen Harper

Our nation is celebrating its 150th birthday tomorrow, and I for one will be doing it with gusto. Too often we Canadians sit on our hands when it comes to patriotism. We certainly are not as demonstrative as our neighbours to the south. Sometimes this isn’t a bad thing, but I truly feel we should be showing our appreciation at this special time and, yes, with some noise. I chose my noisemakers to be my flowers and flags. With a bit of spray paint and some selective plant purchases, I turned my patio into a sea of red and white. Continue reading Sharing true patriot love during our celebratory year

All about living in the age of maturity

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