Glen Kowalchuk

Glen is all about the emerging and current small businesses in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He understands the trials and tribulation of operating one. He currently owns and operates Falkon Social Media and has developed a line of casual clothing under the banner of Red Gryphon Clothing. He will discuss how various businesses have survived the pandemic and what’s in store for them and other businesses in the future. Some of what he has on his platter is information on Government programs that could be beneficial to new and existing business owners. Glen will have conversations with investors, talk about how the internet can help and get into the ups and downs of social media – good or bad. Listen to what he has to offer on marketing tips, importing and exporting. Should you use local or go cheap with inventory?

Glen is a former broadcast master control ITV Edmonton, a past columnist First Nations Free Press and Native Youth Journal Edmonton. He was the graphics and satellite weather technologist CKY Winnipeg, the producer Live Events SHAW and also a producer at CJOB Winnipeg. Glen comes to us with over 20 years communications and broadcasting experience.

He also has a technology background and gift for understanding new and emerging technology and software platforms. If that isn’t enough, he has a flair and interest in both cryptozoology and the unexplained. Join Glen Kowalchuk as he provides unique insights into all those things and more on Manitoba Small Business right here on Lifestyles 55 Digital Radio.