Radio Redux

Jim Ingerbrigtsen

Welcome to my humble little podcast titled Radio Redux. This is where to find me along with some very interesting people I have met along the way. Although many of the them are from the world of entertainment, I’ll spend time with old friends from all walks of life who are well … simply entertaining. Naturally I’ll toss in some memory making music and what do you have? A podcast you will want to revisit time and again.

Peter Paul Van Camp is one of Canada's treasures when it comes to poetry. He is not your average  rhymester to be sure. He doesn't simply play with words, he shares riveting stories with his crafty use of the lexicon he has adopted over time, some of it, from a time long ago.  The timing and delivery of his particularly pleasing pieces of poetry will have you sufficiently suffonsified until you get hungry for more of his gifted wit and his commanding yet, quirky presence. Listen in as I spend some time with an old friend of mine, Mr. Peter Paul Van Camp or PPVC to some of his friends. Or, "Specs" to some of his even closer friends.

Catching up with Peter Noone, Herman from Herman's Hermits. We'll talk about his early days as an actor and eventually being part of the British Invasion. This was recorded open May 9, 2022.

Jim McCarty is best known as the drummer of the iconic British band The Yardbirds. He was born in Liverpool but grew up in London. It was at school where he met a fellow student Paul Samwell-Smith who would become the bass player for The Yardbirds. They were one of the most seminal of all the British Invasion bands. Their music was a mix of rock, blues, pop, hard rock and even played a big part influencing punk and psychedelic music. The Yardbirds were more than instrumental in starting the careers of great guitarists Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. Much of that is due to the innovative drumming style of McCarty.

The Yardbirds were on the charts from 1963 - 1968. After they broke up, Jim McCarty was the driving force of at least seven other bands including Renaissance and Illusion. This, not to mention a successful solo artist. Jim has written, provided percussion and/or produced hundreds of songs.

I tracked him down at his home near the French Riviera. We talked about all the original members of the group, the early days of touring and recording in the U.K. as well as in the U.S. and what life is like for him now after the passing of his beloved wife Elizabeth in 2020.

Jim McCarty is the only original member of the Yardbirds to appear in every lineup. At 78 years old, he is still playing and touring with The Yardbirds. Tune in for an interesting conversation with Jim McCarty and some of the outstanding music he and The Yardbirds created.


The Zombies were one of the early British Invasion groups on the scene in the early sixties. The band started in St. Albans in the U.K. by keyboardist Rod Argent and singer Colin Blunstone. They had success in both Britain, Canada and the United States with early hits such as “Tell Her No”, “She’s Not There” and “Time of the Season” in 1968.

The band disbanded in the late sixties after recording their seminal album “Odyssey & Oracle” which is listed as number 100 on the 500 greatest Albums of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Both Rod Argent and Blunstone then went their own way. Argent formed the band Argent who had a solid hit with “Hold Your Head Up” in 1972. He continued his musical career for more than 50 years. Likewise, Colin wrote, recorded and released a number of solo singles and LP’s during that time.

The two reunited in 2000 and began recording and touring. In 2004 they added a new lineup of talented musicians and began working once again as the Zombies. They included Jim Rodford, Rod’s cousin, who played bass for the Kinks for twenty years and his son Steve on drums.

The Zombies were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019 along with Def Leppard, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, The Cure, Janet Jackson and Roxy Music.

This time around on Radio Redux (redux - something brought back), I speak with Colin Blunstone. I first met Colin and Rod after being instrumental in bringing the Zombies to Winnipeg in the mid 2000’s. Since then I have spent time with them both here and in England. Lots of great stories to tell and memories to share. Listen in now to my conversation with Colin Blunstone. Oh, and of course some of their great music.