Mr. Tomato, the creator of the gardeners’ aids, Sea Magic and Kosy Coats, shares his thoughts on the upcoming Prairie Garden 2022 edition which he guest edited. Your host, Dorothy Dobbie is the 2022 editor.  This edition of the book is about gardening in small places and small spaces, whether it is the corner of a balcony, a small urban lot or even inside the home (there is special coverage of house plants). Mr. Tomato is the recipient of 10 beautiful-garden awards for what he has done on his small urban lot to make it seem like a whole garden universe. He brings the weight of his many years of gardening to both the Prairie Garden book and this episode of The Gardener.

The Prairie Garden Annual has been published by a volunteer committee for 83 years.

COVID has had a big influence on our habits and pursuits and so this is the first time for decades that there has been such an upsurge of activity by young gardeners who are mostly interested in vegetable gardening. As a result, we have included a great deal of information for novice gardeners, but even the old-time green thumbs will learn a thing or two in this edition, and certainly from Mr. Tomato.

In this episode, Mr. tomato reveals how he got his name and talks a bit about some of his secrets to successful gardening. He tells how to develop a realistic-looking pond, the magic and malice of Himalayan impatiens, what to use to get rid of creeping bellflower (and Canada thistle) and how to make your fertilizers – and organic pest controls — work better.

Ever entertaining as well as full of firsthand garden knowledge, Mr. Tomato will delight you with his inside garden wisdom and garden experience.