Shea Doherty gives us a sneak preview into what to expect on his greenhouse shelves in the coming season. There are several promising new petunias: Crazytunia Firecracker, Merlot Star and Big Deal Chocolate Cheery to name a few. He introduces us to Petchoa, a cross between a petunia and a calibrachoa. He says the blossoms are medium in size but very prolific on a semi-trailing to trailing plant. They keep their colour well and have vigorous and sturdy foliage.

What’s the difference between lantana and verbena? Although they have similar flower head formation, they are very different. Lantana is a common plant in the southern United States and Mexico, where it is considered a weed. The flower is very vigorous and enjoys hot weather both dry and humid. Maybe that’s why they did so well in the recent very hot summer. Their colors are in the hot range from yellow to orange to red.

While verbena also comes from the Americas, there is one, Verbena officinalis, from Europe. This is a seasonal plant that blooms only in summer, and it doesn’t like hot weather. Its blossoms stick to the pastels in pinks and blues.

There is a new kid in the canna village and this one is stunning: bright red with a yellow rim: Ball Seeds sells it as Canna Canova, Red Gold Flame. Can reach four feet and likes lots of water and fertilize every two weeks.

It wouldn’t be She without a squirrel story, she we hear about the fight between the magpie and his squirrel. We also learn how Shea uses last year’s greenery to replenish his garden soil for the vegetable crop.

And, of course, we talk houseplants and how he likes to see them treated. Shea gives us some hints about transitioning plants from outdoors to the indoors, particularly with regard to ensuring there are not unwanted passengers on the trip.  Do you think you need hot south facing windows to grow houseplants? Think again. Many varieties absolutely love a north facing window where the get strong even light all day long, but don’t get burned with too much direct sun. Remember, houseplants are generally shade plants outdoors.

You are reminded to plant red this summer to celebrate the Year of the Garden 2022!