Alex Regiec

By Alex Regiec


The idea for Lifestyles 55 internet radio came together about two years ago. A small group of us, retired announcers from local radio in Winnipeg, gathered to discuss the opportunity. We are all very passionate about playing the classic tracks that defined our youth … the music of the late 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond. Having digitized our comprehensive record collections, we wanted to bring back the music and stories of the artists in a programming format no longer heard on conventional radio. Thus, we pooled our resources and talent and set out to create Winnipeg’s first exclusively online internet radio station … Lifestyles 55 Radio.

The basics of internet radio

If you haven’t heard of internet radio or online streaming, the definition is rather straightforward. It simply is a radio station that broadcasts via the World Wide Web or internet as opposed to the conventional method of sending signals through the atmosphere and otherwise known as land-based or terrestrial radio broadcasting.

An internet station sounds pretty much the same as a traditional FM station, featuring announcers, music, programming and commercials. However, unlike terrestrial stations which are subject to environmental factors such as atmospheric interference and limited by geographic location and range, online radio offers uninterrupted clear digital sound anywhere.  

With the growth in popularity of digital communication and computing technology, and thanks to the flexibility and reach of the internet, media companies can now offer more diversity and choice to their listeners and aren’t subject to limited geographic reach. For example, someone listening in northern Canada, or the southwestern United States or “across the pond” in England can expect to hear superb quality audio no matter where they are.  

Traditional AM and FM requires the use of a unique radio receiver, while an internet station can be tuned into through a Wi-Fi enabled app on a smartphone, smart speaker or an URL on a tablet, laptop or desk computer. 

Another advantage to listening to an internet radio station is the absence of long blocks of commercial ads. Yes, there are costs associated with broadcasting online, however those costs are significantly less than that of a land-based radio station.

A soft launch … we’re on air!

After several organizational meetings and learning the technical processes to deliver digital content to people locally, across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, we went about securing a URL address and designing an attractive website to tell everyone about our new radio station. Found online at www.lifestyles55radio.ca we provide information on the shows we offer (currently 14 in number and growing), our programming schedule, and most importantly how to tune in and listen. In fact, we offer a convenient player on our website … simply tap the “play” button and enjoy our great music.

We also established a presence on social media, with a Facebook page that is updated daily with lots of great information by Lisa Lewis, our Lifestyles55 Digital Radio super heroine of social media. She keeps our listeners up to date on the latest news and events happening in the music scene in Winnipeg, throughout Manitoba, across Canada and around North America.

Then our team of announcers got busy and went into their home studios to craft their shows from locations in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Calgary.  

Once we had all the pieces gathered and in order, we started broadcasting or “went live” as they say in the business on April 16th, 2023. No fanfare or flashy advertising, we simply turned the switch on and began broadcasting.

Captain Alex and John Panting


We are Lifestyles 55 Radio

Our station is a partnership company registered in the Province of Manitoba and governed by a board of directors with veteran broadcaster Jim Ingebrigtsen as our President, Honorary British Consul for the Province of Manitoba Dwight MacAuley our Vice-President and numbers and sales wiz Ian Leatt is our treasurer. Our team of announcers and technicians work continuously at creating new episodes and programming shows and music for your listening enjoyment and entertainment. Everyone involved from the top down is a volunteer.

Our broadcast on the World Wide Web is made technically possible and is powered by our friends at Live365, a company that is an internet radio network that enables the broadcast of online radio stations. Since internet radio is required to pay performance royalties for every song you hear, just like the terrestrial radio stations do, our friends at Live365 handles the administration and pays the performance royalties for us (along with many other independent internet radio stations) so that the artists get paid for their musical creations you enjoy hearing.

Our programming ranges from memorable music favorites to engaging talk shows including interviews with some of the icons of the music business as well as interesting local community leaders. Our group of announcers and their shows include:

John Einarson – Catch up with the ‘Old Professor’ on all thing’s music one of his 4 shows – My Generation, Off the Record, Desperados and Night Moves.

Greg Gardner – Tune in and listen to Greg’s dive into groovy 60s tunes, deep tracks of the 70s and surfin’ sounds on Music from the North Shore.

Jim Ingebrigtsen – On Mid-Century Memories, Jim celebrates the music from the early 1950s to the mid 1960s. All for the melancholy minded. On Radio Redux, you’ll hear his interviews with some of the icons in the music business as well as other interesting characters.

Dorothy Dobbie – A former Parliamentarian and member of the Order of Canada, Dorothy’s new show called “Issues of the Day” brings all points of view together in a lively, thought provoking and fun manner.

Chris Golden – From his studio in Calgary Chris offers up Golden’s Oldies playing his and our favourites including many hits from the U.K.

Chris Tuffer – A veteran AM/FM radio announcer, spinning vinyl remains the romantic aspect of playing music on-air, now in retirement Chris has embraced digital technology to keep the memories alive in all of us on his show Quest for Silver with Mr. T.

Shauna Dobbie – On her show Flora and Fauna, Shauna interviews guests from the gardening and the natural world.

Bill Quinn – Bill’s show his experiences as a folk performer. He focuses on folk and international music he encountered while touring.

John Panting & Captain Alex – The dynamic duo continues their quest dusting off their old 45s and many shelves of LPs in their Retro Rec Room looking back and listening along with you to the music that defined your youth. If smooth jazz is your thing, then you can chill with Captain Alex on The Night Breeze.

Our volunteer team of retired announcers has spent 50+ years working on the dial in AM and FM broadcasting. Now on the internet and for the love of broadcasting, you can tune into and listen to them once again.

Find your vibe. Turn on and tune in …

Welcome to new frontier of internet radio and the wonderful sound of Lifestyles 55 Radio.

Take us anywhere you go. We’ve made it easy to tune into us by using your smartphone, smart speakers, tablet, laptop or desk computer. 

Our station is FREE to listen to, so show us some love by tuning in. And why not tell your friends about a radio station they’re going to dig.

Lifestyles 55 Radio. The station that is tuned to you!

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