Marilyn Dudek

Are you a gardener with a passion for plants but wish you knew more about his whole fascinating world? Maybe you should consider becoming a Master Gardener. Marilyn Dudek, one of Manitoba’s first master gardeners tells us she reached her dream and helped other Manitobans with a like passion, discover how they could do the same.

She also gives us an outline of Season 2 of the popular series of videos featuring a diverse group of unique gardeners in Manitoba. Gardening in the Heart – Lourdes Still: Masagana Flower Farm is the story of a young women who grows flowers for cutting and selling for bouquets an arrangements. 

Raymond Ngarboui has been teaching refugee families from all over the world to grow their own food on community gardens. This is a very inspiring video.

Derek Yarnell has been creating a garden that nurtures butterflies and bees by planting native plants in his front yard. He surrounds himself with Joe Pye weed, local daylilies, grasses, bee balm, bishop’s goutweed, and so much more.

Our old friend Wilbert Ronald and his son Andrew share their amazing plantation of trees and shrubs. – about 250,000 shrubs and 50,000 trees and 10,000 roses. Wilbert is a leading Canadian plant breeder.

Finally, Phillip Ronald shares his Riverbend Orchard where he grows an amazing array of fruit trees and shrubs.

You can view these videos by going to https://www.mgmanitoba.com/

Meanwhile, Marilyn chooses to haunting songs: Memory by Barra Streisand and Shallow with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Both these songs will give you goose bumps.