This Master/Slave mentality is embedded in Canadian culture.

Food for Thoughts / Wayne Weedon 


Every person on earth is descended from slaves. Forever, tribes have been conquering other tribes, often killing all the men, and enslaving the women and children. Territorial borders have been constantly shifting as tribes conquered and colonized foreign lands. People have accepted, the strong will be masters and the weak will be slaves. This Master/Slave mentality is so embedded in our brains, we accept it as natural, normal, and unchangeable. The majority, believing they have no power, grovel in the hope they will not receive punishment from their ‘Masters’ who are fully aware, through fear, they can control the brainwashed and subservient flocks.

Siddhartha Gautama, known as The Buddha, advised that peace and contentment is not found externally, these can only be found internally. Despite insisting he was a mortal human just like his followers, many Buddhists today worship The Buddha as a god. They have not accepted The Buddha’s condemnation of the Master/Slave mentality and his belief that the idea of a caste society is nonsense.

Most people refuse to give up the belief that they are part of a lower caste who must kowtow to the anointed ones. In India, a report released by Amnesty International found an extremely high number of sexual assaults on Dalit (lowest caste) women. Landlords, upper-caste villagers, and police officers often participate in these attacks which are, due to fears of retaliation, seldom registered.

Mahatma Gandhi preached, Nature decrees we are all equal, ALL-ONE. Evolutionists, historians, and scientific scholars agree with Gandhi, there is no legitimate reason for one group to feel superior or inferior to any other group. Gandhi, for his beliefs, was assassinated by a Brahmin (highest caste). Unfortunately, Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister, was also a Brahmin who deliberately kept the idea of caste alive. Today, 40 million Dalits in India suffer as bonded workers. These people, 15 million of whom are children, work under slave-like conditions in fields and factories.

Generic photo of Mahatma Gandhi statue.

This Master/Slave mentality is embedded in Canadian culture. Last month, sex assault charges against a Manitoba man and woman were tossed out of court after a ten-year-old rape victim did not appear in court to identify her two persecutors. Imagine, when facing her rapist, how traumatized this child would have been. What if this ten-year girl had been killed, would the courts demand she be resurrected and brought to court so she could point out her killers?

In Canada, thousands get a free university education after committing a serious crime. Canada declares education will rehabilitate these criminals, despite evidence to the contrary. Besides a university degree, convicts are rewarded with free prepared meals, shower facilities, television, computers, gyms with exercise equipment, free medical, including free medicines, free dental work, and free eyeglasses. All this while rape victims, even children, must re-live the horror that was inflicted upon them by pointing out their rapist in a court room.

Elias Whitehead, a 37-year-old Indigenous man died after being arrested by Winnipeg police who reported, Whitehead, when taken into custody, went into medical distress, was transported to hospital in critical condition and was later pronounced deceased. Two eyewitnesses took videos which showed officers repeatedly kneeing and punching this man as he lay defenceless on the ground. This incident is much like the well documented case of George Floyd who was murdered by police in Minneapolis.

Such examples of police getting away with brutality and murder are ubiquitous across Canada. In Burnaby, British Columbia, Myles Gray died after being beaten by a gang, comprised a dozen police officers. Gray’s injuries included ruptured testicles, a broken voice box, a fractured eye socket and widespread bruising. Despite a coroner’s inquest stating this was a homicide, all the police officers involved in Gray’s death remain as members of the force and none will be facing criminal charges, nor any disciplinary penalties. Children, some less than a year old, have died in police custody with no investigations ever being made.

We worship rich people who have made their money through ruthless and often illegal business practices, and then we praise them again for being philanthropic with their ill-gotten gains. Most people do not understand, people demonstrate their superiority by swindling the uneducated and then they accentuate their superiority by giving money to people who do not know how to help themselves. These philanthropists are being praised for giving a man a fish while brainwashing these people into believing they cannot fish for themselves. Why do we not teach these “low life” that they do not need charity?

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Wayne Douglas Weedon is a Manitoba author who writes a combination of fictional and factual stories, essays, and novels.


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