By Mark Moote


Mark Christopher Moote is the guy they call Mr. T. (Chris Tuffer) on L55DR and the Q4S. 

I devised my name on the air from my middle name Cristopher to become Chris Tuffer.

I started in radio at age 9 with a computer savvy friend who designed a computer system for the Welland ship Canal which bypasses Niagara Falls. 

My friend did this long before computers were common and before he was a teenager (he is much smarter than me!). We used to broadcast to family and friends now and then. Zip ahead a few years: during high school I used to play songs on the school intercom for students to hear during lunch hour. 

After that, I enrolled in the Career Academy School of Broadcasting in Toronto where I spent two years, then, before completion of the course, I landed a job at a local radio station. 

I worked at a variety of private radio stations for a half dozen years before I heard a call to ministry and attended seminary for four years. I became a pastor and spent over 30 years doing a different kind of “broadcasting”.

Through it all, I never lost my interest in radio, and I was able to keep my hand in it throughout the years. 

Winnipeg caught my ears as I was listening to what was available and Lifestyles 55 Digital Radio seemed like a good way to continue to play the old tunes – good songs that were not able to break the barrier and get to first place, some songs that were very popular but for one reason or other not number one on the charts, and even some that were able to hold on to the number one position. We also focus on songs from the mid twentieth century –- the songs we remember and sing along with because we know all the words.

Now that the internet provides a venue, I am thrilled to continue to offer through Lifestyles 55 Digital Radio my love of the medium to listeners who have not had the option to hear this type of music. 

I live in Saskatoon but thanks to the convenience of emails and texting, we make our station available throughout the world – I am grateful to those who care to check us out.

Listen at https://www.lifestyles55radio.ca/chris-tuffer.html . Chris Tuffer is on Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. and at 6:00 p.m. He is on a quest for silver. Let us know if there is something you would like to hear.

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