How deep should a raised garden be? Should your garden have a floor or not? How do you keep a raised garden hydrated and how often should you water? How can you tell if the garden needs water? What can you grow in a raised garden and more importantly, what should you NOT grow in a raised garden? What kind of soil should you use and where should you locate the garden? How much can you grow, how far apart should you plant things, can you grow potatoes, when is the best time to plant…

These are just some of the questions Kevin Twomey answers in this hour-long interview designed to bring critical information to both the novice and the experienced gardener.

Kevin Twomey was the longtime owner of T&T Seeds, a retailer and catalogue seed company, which specialized in vegetables. He sold the company a couple of years ago and is now enjoying learning new things and helping other entrepreneurs. He says that contrary to popular belief, cucumbers were the number one seller in his seed catalogues, not tomatoes. And he says, cucumbers are best grown on a trellis instead of rambling across the garden. Not only does this save space, it keeps the fruit clean and makes it easy to spot the cucumbers for harvesting.

Kevin is currently working with Garth Rogerson and Jan Pederson to launch a new garden show at the Red River Ex next April. We tried to get it off the ground this year, but there just wasn’t enough time and COVID kept things far too unstable to plan long term.

Join us for an intensive course in raised vegetable gardening and listen to Moody Manitoba Morning (in honour of the rain and which was written by Boissevain’s Rick Neufeld and recorded by Montreal’s The Bells, and Blowing in the Wind with Peter, Paul and Mary (as opposed to the Bob Dylan version).

Hope you enjoy it all.