By Dorothy Dobbie


After spending my Sunday mornings up early on the air at CJOB for 10 years, I eased on over to the independent CJNU station to continue my weekly gardening broadcast for a short time. I took a hiatus with a weekly podcast for several years until my daughter Shauna took over during the pandemic.

But I am back. I missed the fun of interviewing great guests such as Kevin Twomey, Sherrie Versluis, Jan Pedersen, Mr. Tomato and Shea Doherty and so many other.

Dorothy and Alex Regeic, one the key individuals behind the station. Alex and John Panting produce the Retro Rec Room with Captain Alex & Johnny Lightning.

As one of a small group of former broadcasters who have launched Winnipeg’s first digital radio station, I have to say that I have never worked with a more dedicated group. They all have one thing in common – a love of radio, the theatre of the mind.

You know their music. You love their music. And I hope you still love the garden show.

I run on Sunday at 9:00. Tune in to it now.

Lifestyles 55 Radio is on the air at www.lifestyles55radio.ca

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