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Dorothy Dobbie

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The writing is on the wall . . .on the news, on the Internet, on the street corner: there is an attempt through every outlet the government can utilize to paint Federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre as some kind of far-right monster who would destroy the country.

The truth is that the destruction of the country is already well underway, and the authors are you-know-who – the Prime Minister and his right-hand enabler, the leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh.

The only defence Mr. Trudeau has to counter his destructive policies is his attempt to manufacture a persona for the Leader of the Official Opposition that is false and vilifying, trying to tie him to Donald Trump, to right wing extremism, and so on. The attempts are almost laughable. I just watched a video from an Internet rag called The Breach, started in 2021 by a group of ultra left activists. They are trying to make it look as though Pierre is tied to huge corporate entities – so silly. The corporate influences are all wearing red right now. The Trudeauites talk a good line about taking a hard line with companies such as corporate grocers over high prices, but they accomplish absolutely nothing. Grocery prices continue to escalate.

Still, all the Liberal MPs are primed with Tory-negative phrases and characterizations that come dribbling out of their mouths as soon as they open them to speak. But . . . this time, it is not taking hold the way it has with previous leaders. Why? Because the public has finally had enough of Mr. Sunny Ways and the polls are predicting a devastating loss for the Liberals whenever Trudeau gets around to going to the polls. As on January 30, 2023, Tories had a 15-point lead over the liberals. Pollsters feel that this is likely insurmountable, but I suspect Trudeau believes he can absorb that with the support of the NDP despite, once again, the popular vote going blue. Watch for Trudeau to try to drag out his mandate to the possible five-year limit in the hope that people will forget their current disillusionment. 

I hope he sees the writing on the wall before that. I do not want the Liberal Party to be destroyed. We need a strong Liberal Party to serve as an alternative when the Tories wear out, as all governments eventually do. We do NOT need the only alternative to be the NDP which is no longer the party of laborites and farmers as it once was. What is it now? Hard to be accurate but it seems to be a rag tag bundle of extreme left activists bent on protesting every decent impulse Canadians have. The endless spouting about health care and dental care and day care is a dependency trap of which thinking Canadians should by now be wary. First, because these universal programs end up in the same mess as the health care system, and second, because they discourage enterprise, inflate the price of the service over time and just don’t work.

An example in point is the recently much touted $10 a day Daycare. Guess what? Licensed day cares are closing shop because of the way the deal is structured. They just can’t make ends meet. Instead of solving the daycare problem, the program has exacerbated it. A recent study found that, in 2019, 36.4 percent of parents with children in childcare reported difficulty finding spaces for their children. By 2023 this was up to 46.4 percent. When the plan was announced, $30 billion over five years was set aside by the feds feeding a $9 billion a year budget (presumably, the provincial share makes up the difference). But it appears that amount falls short by $4 billion a year which will have to be made good by the provinces if the plan is going to survive. (So far, Manitoba is in the black, but stay tuned.) The saddest part is that very few of those who have accessed support have been mothers in need. 

The fiscal mess is one thing – housing shortages, over-acceptance of immigrants, lack of oversight of student visas, silly things such as the end of free plastic grocery bags to be replaced with 45 cent plastic grocery bags, taxes such as the carbon tax (being rebranded as some kind of “incentive”, focusing on the rebates – hilarious but true), horrible things such as pushing for MAID to end the lives of the mentally ill (surely a type of eugenics at work here) and on and on. But there are many other sneakier policies that have changed the moral quality of Canadian life.

We no longer see each other as individuals, but rather as wearing labels of black, white, Indigenous, Folklig Jewish, Palestinian, settler, colonist, Catholic, gender identified, and so on. This divisive policy, encouraged by Justin Trudeau, has been promulgated in schools, in the news, by governments, by agencies and even by companies just trying to avoid offending anyone. Trudeau said Canadians don’t have an identity and if this keeps up, we won’t.

There is not room to go through all the deficiencies under this man’s leadership, but I now come to the one thing that is haunting me, his immoral, amoral and corrupt personal lifestyles which is being revealed a bit at a time by those who witnessed things, became sickened and removed themselves from his presence. I know the mainstream media is aware of some of these things, but they cover them up to their everlasting shame. I certainly understand why Sophie removed herself as well. How can one who has so little regard for other human beings, especially women, govern our country?

Whether details will emerge while he is in office, or even later, is a moot question. History tells us that this is unlikely when news outlets refuse to participate. For my part, I have had it. 

Currently, 67% of Canadians believe that Trudeau should step down – and that has to include a lot of Liberals. I respect many of the members of Parliament who serve in office with this man. I count some of them as friends. I suspect that many of them agree with 67%. But I understand why they are reluctant to move against their “leader” – they all witnessed what happened to Jody Wilson-Raybold and that is a powerful deterrent to stepping out of line. Still, I hope that their good judgment and absolute commitment to the future of Canada will overcome this reluctance and that some of them will take action to replace him. 

This cannot come soon enough.

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