Dorothy Dobbie

Humn Pharmaceuticals, a local pharma company owned by the same guy who brought you the topical painkiller TPR 20, has done it again. They have introduced the first clinically proven mask that kills COVID-19 within five minutes of contact.

The Copper Guard Mask has been through 31 clinical trials and has been proven to be 99.86 percent effective in slaying the COVID-19 dragon. Copper has long been known for its ability to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses. Gardeners with ponds use it in their water to prevent infection without any toxic side effects for the fish.

This is fabulous news at a time when the Omicron virus is spreading like wildfire. It appears that it takes a much smaller load of the variant to deliver infection than has been the case with the original virus or even Delta. Therefore, face covering protection must be more resilient against the virus, too.

Many people are turning to N-95 masks that are used in construction, but they are not all equal and as one medical person said, they were designed to catch sawdust particles, not viruses! It is true that N-95s are 95 per cent effective and capture particles 0.3 microns in size. On the other hand, the Copper Guard Mask stops particles 0.1 microns in size.

The good news is that Humn, a local, Winnipeg company, has the exclusive right of distribution in the North America. Copper Guard masks were approved by Health Canada in September. Blair McInnes, the owner of Humn, says the company is planning to manufacture the masks and other copper products in Winnipeg early in the coming year, adding up to 20 jobs to the local community.

The Copper Guard mask has a cloth layer that is permeated with an ultra-thin coating of 99 per cent copper, which can destroy the virus within five minutes. It is easy to breathe through, meaning wearing it is much more comfortable than some masks. The other good news is that it offers some protection from the virus entering our body through your eyes.

“A hefty dose of copper could diminish the chances of viable virus making it into the eyes, nose or mouth via a wayward hand that’s touched the front of a mask,” says a study reported in the New York Times. Copper literally makes the virus explode when it comes in contact with copper mixed with oxygen.

The New York Times goes on to say, “Even our own immune systems appear to exploit copper’s protective perks. Some evidence suggests that immune cells like macrophages — which gobble up and destroy bacteria, viruses and other microbes — may be capable of engulfing and sequestering germs in an acidic “ball of death” chamber that’s then spiked with lethal doses of copper…” Our bodies have been using this for warfare long before copper masks hit the market.

The mask can be worn casually for up to 30 days, but if you are wearing it frequently, you should dispose of it sooner. In a medical situation, it can be used for a full shift. Although it is made of cloth, permeated by copper, it is not washable because cleaning substances affect the efficiency of the copper.

The masks are available at Red River Co-op and Innovative Health, or you can order directly from https://ca.humnpharma.com/our-products/