Jim Ingebrigtsen
Is It Just Me…

Last year an old friend gave me a book for my birthday. Not an unusual gift as gifts go, but this one had some thought put into it. Its title is Cannabis for Seniors. The book covers everything you need to know about the use of the much-maligned Maryjane.

In 1936, the cult classic Reefer Madness hit the theatres. It was a propaganda film about the evils of marijuana. Those were the old days. These are the new days and with them an ever-increasing interest and demand by seniors seeking the benefits of alternative treatment for a long list of ailments. The U.S. and Canada combined sees more than 10,000 baby boomers becoming “seniors” every day.

Being a product of the sixties, I have no shame in admitting I might have been witness (perhaps a participant) in a wee bit of weed, a bit of boo, a tad of tea, or a haul of hemp, maybe. I apologize to no one.

Two friends who come to mind have indulged every day for 50+ years. Another would make a batch of brownies with that “special” ingredient, cut them in squares and put them in the bottom of the freezer. On a Friday, after an especially stressful week at work he would retrieve a piece and savor it. He said it would “just take the edge off”. Another friend and successful businessman would enjoy a joint on his way into work every morning. There are doctors, lawyers, business people, men and women, who regularly, socially or just occasionally puff pot. Although there is still a stigma attached to it, in my opinion, it’s no big deal.

There are almost 30 pot shops in this city with a wide selection of smoking material. Everything from loose marijuana by the gram, which you would roll on your own, or pre-rolled joints individually or even by the pack. Bongs, vapes and various pipes. Lots of options – do your homework.

These aren’t the head shops of the sixties. These are government regulated businesses.

The staff are very knowledgeable and will help you choose a product best suited to your needs. I was told.

The pain-relieving benefits are quicker when smoking rather than edibles (consumables) such as chocolates, gummies and even tea bags or bottled beverages. I heard.

Smoking for some is preferable but the nostalgic aroma can spread throughout the house. Vaping (using a vaporizer) is a less harsh method of taking on a little THC and it’s smokeless.

And then there’s CBD oil. The therapeutic benefits of CBD oil have been documented for many years and every year more seniors are discovering the advantages. It has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, reduce high blood pressure, promote better sleep and even help with acne. There are recipes for poultices, liniments, joint salve, balms and even bud-butter. Overall, CBD oil is a potential alternative to highly addictive opioids as a pain remedy.

My primary predicament is chronic back pain and has been for years. My old friend knows this and ergo the good gift he gave me. The CBD has helped … a lot.

Again, do your research. Cannabis isn’t for everyone. You can find all the information you need online or drop into one of the shops and ask questions. You might even bump into someone you know. If you happen to see me, I’m just picking up something for a friend.