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Manitoba is known for having a lot of heart when it comes to charitable giving, and I have seen firsthand the impact our community can make. Over the last three years donors have completely transformed kids’ cardiac care. 

February is #HeartMonth, and we at the Children’s Hospital Foundation are so deeply grateful for the supporters who follow their hearts to help kids. 

The Travis Price Children’s Heart Centre officially opened for patients in March 2021, thanks to donors’ generosity. As the entire world was facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the dedicated cardiac team at HSC Children’s Hospital moved into the new space to continue providing the best care possible for kids and families. 

Dr. Reeni Soni, Medical Director of Pediatric Cardiology at HSC Children’s, says the journey has been transformational. 

“We can get patients in and out more smoothly or quickly,” says Dr. Soni. “We can provide care in a more nurturing, confidential environment. Because children are at ease, we don’t have to give them medication to put them to sleep to do testing, which is always safer for the child.” 

Our community has a lot of heart, and local champions like Barb and Gerry Price – the leaders of this incredible initiative to #GiveBetterFutures for kids who need the Children’s Heart Centre – make a world of difference for children, like Emberly. 

The Children's Hospital: Baby Emberly

At less than a day old, Emberly was diagnosed with a heart condition and will rely on the Travis Price Children’s Heart Centre until she’s an adult. Despite her health challenges, Emberly is now a thriving, happy baby, laughing with her family, and making friends wherever she goes.

“Emberly has proven that no matter what obstacles come her way, she has a fight in her and a fire that undoubtedly cannot be extinguished,” her mom, Haley, tells us. 

Haley credits the health care staff at HSC Children’s Hospital, Travis Price Children’s Heart Centre, and Child Life specialists for helping Emberly regain her health. 

“I quickly realized that Dr. Soni along with the rest of the team are much more than just medical professionals looking after our daughter’s heart,” says Haley. “The health care staff are a support system and second family that genuinely cares, which is evident in every visit to the Travis Price Children’s Heart Centre.”

Dr. Soni says she and her team are deeply thankful to donors. 

“For how quickly the donor community came together to make this happen, we say a huge thank you to every donor that was part of this becoming a reality, says Dr. Soni. “It’s also tangible proof of what donor dollars can do and what an impact they can make.”

The Children’s Heart Centre is just one of many ways donors are transforming HSC Children’s Hospital through the Better Futures campaign, with a goal of $75 million. And I am thrilled to share that, thanks to donors’ generosity, Better Futures is more than 90% complete. 

You can help with the final 10% – every dollar makes a difference – by donating today at goodbear.ca. 

From the bottom of all our hearts, thank you for helping kids who need our children’s hospital. 

Your present is changing their future. 

Stefano Grande is the president and CEO of Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

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