Hon. Myrna Driedger
Broadway Journal

 Make Charleswood and Headingley your summer destination! 


Canoeing down the Assiniboine River is a great way to enjoy the beautiful nature all around us. Get a different view of the community by launching your canoe in Headingley and being picked up in Caron Park in Charleswood. This gorgeous park has picnic tables and a view of the historic Caron House. At just under 20 acres, Caron Park offers a forest with trails, a swing set, a playground and plenty of beautiful views of the Assiniboine River which runs the entire length of it. 

Canoe down the Assiniboine River and see Winnipeg from a different angle.

Whether you’re interested in walking, biking, running, or relaxing on a bench surrounded by nature, both Charleswood and Headingley are home to some of the best kept trails our city has to offer. In Charleswood, the Harte Trail has been one of my favourite walks for many years. This trail guides walkers through forested areas, prairie areas, and our new subdivision of Ridgewood West. It truly is one of the reasons I love Charleswood so much. The Harte Trail gives us a special link to the rest of our country, as it is part of the Trans Canada Trail. 

In Headingley, the Grand Trunk Trail offers a beautiful nature walk throughout the community, from East to West. People can even take this trail all the way to Beaudry Park. Interesting to note that both the Grand Trunk Trail and the Harte Trail are located on what was once a railway track. These trails are a fun adventure for anyone looking to embrace the outdoors on a well kept and actively used trail. 

Water activities

What’s better than cooling off in the water on a nice, hot summer day? Luckily, in Charleswood and Headingley we have many options to chose from when it comes to water activities. 

Westdale Pool: Near the corner of Roblin and Dale in Charleswood we have an amazing outdoor swimming pool. Open from the end of June to the beginning of September this pool has public swim daily from noon-7:00 pm. What a great way to cool off and get to know your neighbours! In addition to this great pool there is also a splash pad. 

Roblin Park Community Centre (Marcy Beaucage Park) Wading Pool: Next to the Roblin Park Community Centre is the Marcy Beaucage park and wading pool. Located in the heart of Charleswood on Pepperloaf Cres., this is a quiet park to bring your family to and enjoy the summer sun. There is also a playground and baseball diamond in the park. 

Headingley Splash Pad: Headingley is home to a wonderful splash pad. At 5353 Portage Avenue, this splash pad is located behind the Headingley Community Centre. This splash pad is open from the end of May to the beginning of September. With the hot weather we have, it’s wonderful Charleswood and Headingley have a variety of family friendly summer activities to cool down. 


Libraries have grown and evolved so much over the years. Many people will remember the old Charleswood Library next to the Municipal building on Roblin. It has since moved to a nearby location at Roblin and Dieppe. Not only do they offer books, but they also lend out video games, movies, offer learning sessions and meeting spaces just to name a few of the wonderful amenities available!

The Headingley municipal library is a beautiful library located at 49 Alboro Street. They offer wonderful resources and have a great website. Check them out at https://headingleylibrary.ca/ 

Libraries are great spaces to check out all throughout the year but especially throughout the summer when kids are out of school and have the time to become enthralled by the many adventures that books have to offer. 

Food Markets

Headingley is home to some of the best fresh produce markets in the city. Summer is a great time to find delicious produce in season. 

Crampton’s Market is a business that has been in Winnipeg for some time but has recently moved to Headingley. This great market offers fresh, local produce from their network of almost 100 Manitoba Farmers. For people who are too busy to shop, Crampton’s offers a home delivery service for their Food Boxes to people who live in Winnipeg and Headingley. Crampton’s website has tons of great food ideas. Check them out at https://cramptonsmarket.com/blogs/recipes 

J & H Garden Centre and Jolly Green Thumb are each located just over the Perimeter on the way to Headingley and each has a variety of plants and fresh produce. J & H has been a go-to location for fresh produce for Charleswood and Tuxedo residents for many years. Jolly Green Thumb is at 6905 Roblin Blvd and J & H Garden Centre is at 6950 Roblin Blvd.

Shelmerdine’s located at 7800 Roblin Blvd has a greenhouse, clothes, a café, and in July and August they host a farmer’s market. On July 27th, August 3rd, and August 10th Shelmerdine’s will be hosting their 7th annual farmers market. Their café, The Secret Garden Café is a perfect spot to grab a bite and enjoy one of their delicious coffees. Check it out! 

Charleswood and Headingley have so much to offer year-round. I especially love the summer months in our beautiful neighbourhoods. 

Hon. Myrna Driedger is MLA for Charleswood and Speaker of the legislative assembly.