A member of Trinity United Church of South Side Seniors
Shaheeda Koning

In 2014, Shaheeda Koning joined this seniors group and actively participated in weekly sessions. Suni took the leadership with Shaheeda for home events such as BD for Glen’s (Suni’s husband), lunch at her home, Suni, Jean and our home as well. During these occasions we enjoyed Shaheeda’s eastern and western tasty food and played Piano and enjoyed singing and music.

Shaheeda actively took part Sri Lankan events. In 2018, she introduced Access Centre in Pembina for Sri Lankan Seniors to conduct monthly sessions free-of-charge. In Sept 8, 2018, she invited the Sri Lanka Association of Manitoba Dancing Group to perform an event for the church social.

Shaheeda’s son was offered a placement in University of Brampton. As Shaheeda is with her son and his family, she has to join her son in Brampton by end-Aug 2020. Sometime back, Shaheeda requested a Curry Leaf plant from me. I gave a plant as our souvenir.