Imagine being limited in mobility, and then imagine being able to express yourself through the art of dance! The RWB School conducts two creative programs that can enhance the quality of healthy living.

ExplorAbility for Adults is a unique dance class designed specifically for adults with cognitive and physical mobility challenges. And it is changing people's lives. Classes are focused on developing body awareness, self-expression, coordination, posture and alignment, all in a fun, creative and supportive environment.

Research has shown that dance and music boost psychological health and improve physical health including balance, agility and motor skills and feelings of social inclusion for persons who have physical and/or cognitive disability.


ExplorAbility for Adults | Photo by Heather Milne

Jacqui Ludwig, a leading light in the field of dance understanding and accessibility, who created and teaches the ExplorAbility program for the RWB School, uses rhythmic movement and music in her classes. "We do lots of upper-body work because for many people, stability tends to be an issue when you have a disability," she explained.  "I have folks in wheelchairs, so we do lots of upper-body things, which helps improve cardiovascular. We also do a lot of work with arms — reaching helps with flexibility in the upper body." Ludwig sees a big improvement in her students, especially in terms of confidence. "As we move through the program, I ask them to challenge themselves a bit more, to try something they haven't tried before, which can be scary," she said. "But it makes a huge difference in their level of confidence."

ExplorAbility for Parkinson’s   is a    dance  program  designed to make dance accessible for all ages and abilities; it is focused on developing rhythm, body awareness, coordination, posture, alignment, and self-expression, in a fun, creative and supportive setting. Current research has proven that dance encourages physical improvements in gait, posture, and balance along with social engagement and quality of life in people living with Parkinson’s disease.

Know Before You Sign-Up

  • Every class is accessible in person or online through Zoom.         
  • Wheelchairs, walkers, and support animals are welcome. With advance notice, ASL assistance can be arranged for the hearing impaired.
  • Support staff/caregivers are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate in the program at no additional cost.
  • All classes begin with seated dancing and progress to standing, then travelling sequences. Seated options are provided for those who prefer to continue dancing in a seated position.
  • The class is designed to engage participants cognitively, physically and creatively through a variety of music and dance styles.
  • Comfortable attire is recommended. Footwear may be soft dance slippers/shoes, socks, or clean street shoes/runners (no outdoor footwear please).
  • It is recommended that participants speak to their healthcare provider before registering for the program.
ExplorAbility for Parkinson's - Photos by Heather Milne

Join us!

Sign-up for our next session of ExplorAbility for Adults by March 22, 2023

WEDNESDAYS | 1:00PM - 2:00PM CST with Jacqui Ladwig


our upcoming session of ExplorAbility for Parkinson’s by March 17, 2023.

FRIDAYS | 9:15AM - 10:30AM CST with Jacqui Ladwig