By Adam Glynn

Adam Glynn notes from the bridge

Adam Glynn broadcasting from home.

In over a decade of working in broadcasting I never thought I’d have a commute of only 10 steps, or a dress code which permits me to show up to work in my Star Trek: The Next Generation pajamas but these are two quirky personal realities of working from home while our community deals with challenging times. 

At CJNU, our incredible team has risen to meet these challenges with great aplomb, presenting our full schedule, almost entirely live, from improvised home studios across the city! Considering the station’s ‘normal’ operation consists of us moving our studio to new locations in the community each month, it wasn’t too much of a stretch to figure out some creative ways to keep the music playing and positivity flowing. If anyone should know about remote broadcasting, it’s CJNU! Whatever happens, we’ll be here to shine a light on the good happening in our city, no matter how dark it may seem. My profuse thanks to our volunteers, members, listeners, partners, sponsors. We’re all in this together… apart. 

My late Grandmother would often say to me: “you may as well laugh as cry.” As a kid, I wasn’t sure… but now I know she had the right idea. So, from my home to yours: stay safe, be well, and try to find the fun in each and every day.

Adam Glynn is the General Manager of CJNU.