• Ash Modha, founder and CEO, Mondetta Clothing
• Kevin Rebeck, president, Manitoba Federation of Labour.

Other Representatives

• Bea Bruske, president, Canadian Labour Congress
• Bob Silver, president and co-owner, Western Glove Works
• Bram Strain, president and CEO, Business Council of Manitoba
• Chad Friesen, CEO, Friesens Corporation
• Chuck Davidson, president and CEO, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
• Mayor Colleen Smook, City of Thompson
• Connor Ketchen, general manager, Brandon Chamber of Commerce
• Cordella Friesen, president and CEO, YMCA-YWCA Winnipeg
• Darren Rainkie, principal and founder, Darren Rainkie Consulting
• David Chartrand, president, Manitoba Métis Federation
• Gerry Price, chairman and CEO, Price Industries
• Gustavo Zentner, president, International Point of Commerce and Jewish Federation of Winnipeg
• Ida Albo, owner and managing partner, Fort Garry Hotel
• Jacqueline Keena, managing director, Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning Initiative
• Jennefer Nepinak, vice-president strategic partnerships and reconciliation, Legacy Bowes
• Jill Verwey, president, Keystone Agricultural Producers
• Josh Zaporzan, owner and president, Audax Ventures Inc. and co-founder and CEO, H2MB Inc.
• Liz Choi, CEO, Education Canada Group
• Loren Remillard, president and CEO, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
• Marie Buchan, secretary-treasurer, UFCW local 832

A quick count reveals that we have 6 union reps, 9 big business reps, 10 business bureaucrats, 6 consultants/lawyers/accountants, 2 small and medium businesses, and two politicians.

Having served with great hope on such advisory councils under previous NDP governments, I know from experience that many are tokens only, so our contributor does not need to feel too bad that so many sectors have been overlooked.

Perhaps there will be other opportunities for citizens to make their sector voices heard. We can only hope. – Ed.

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