Dr. Helene Bertrand’s book Low Back Pain

by Dorothy Dobbie 

Dr. Helene Bertrand’s book, Low Back Pain: 3 Steps to Relief in 2 Minutes, is a gift to all back pain sufferers, 90% of which are fixable if they follow her step-by-step guidelines.

In pain herself for 37 years, the doctor got her first clue to her own pain relief from a fellow doctor who understood how to help ligaments recover. When he suddenly retired, Dr. Bertrand was on her own and, taking into account what she learned from him, she developed a pain relief cream that she markets today under the name QR Cream (available on Amazon). However, the self-healing exercise technique came from Dr Bertrand’s own understanding of this part of the anatomy and how it works.

I have watched her deploy her 2-minute method time after time, even in crowded public areas, guiding sufferers through the steps and offering immediate cessation from pain. The relief they feel is often characterized as a “miracle”. Not so, she says. Just knowledge she believes everyone should have.

The Kindle edition is $1.34 plus tax. A printed edition is now available. The book also contains advice on how to avoid future problems. As the beneficiary of the good doctor’s remedy, I highly recommend this sensible and groundbreaking program. You will never regret the effort of the paltry sum required to obtain this advice.