Gary Brown


April was so loaded with events that my calendar looked like a full time work schedule. The forecast for the summer seems to be a continuation of this comradery of Geocachers.

There are numerous types of events with some being an hour or two ranging all the way up to being a full weekend of camping. The ones that are an hour or two usually are listed as a half hour event, but are never that short.

A coffee event is just that. We gather over a cup of coffee and talk about various topics from a new Geocache to the weather (as it relates to caching...). We have showed up at local venues at all times of the day. One week this spring there were people turning up at six in the morning for a full week straight including during a snowstorm. We have been to these events as early as four in the morning. Don’t worry though, they happen at normal times as well.

Another similar one is an ice cream event. These are usually at a different ice cream venue, so we get to try out all of these places to see if there is a favourite place to go. The conclusion from the past events is that we need to check them out further to decide which is best. It is a tough chore to do this, but we will keep trying. Of course there are the obligatory conversations.

One of my favourites is the CITO event. CITO is an acronym for Cache In, Trash Out. This is where we show up and grab a garbage bag and fill it up with trash. Unfortunately, Winnipeg is loaded with litter which makes these events so successful. Last year there was a CITO every month. Winter’s blanket of white did not deter us and there was trash disposed of. There are several already planned for this year, so come on out and join the group. If you have a gripper stick (also known as a “reachy” stick) bring it along, it makes picking up trash easier.

Events are only limited by a host’s imagination (and the occasional rule) and can be a lot of fun. Be sure to check out your locale for events be it Winnipeg, Dauphin, Brandon, Steinbach, Morden/Winkler… well, you get the picture.

There are some signature events in Manitoba annually. Oak Hammock Marsh has had some nice ones that are fun and have presented a bit of a challenge. Unfortunately there will not be an event this year because of necessary construction happening on the premises, but keep an eye on them for some action after the renewal has happened out there. Even though the Discovery Center is presently closed for construction, the caches on the marsh are still in place. It is always a great place to visit.

On July 20th the MBGA will be hosting a “Hands Across The Border” event at the International Peace Garden. This is an opportunity for anyone that cannot travel into the US for various reasons such as a lack of a passport to collect Geocaches in the US. There will be cachers from both countries there. Check https://peacegarden.com/ for admission and what is necessary to return to Canada.

The Assiniboine Zoo will have their annual event in the fall. The exact date hasn’t been announced yet, but the save the date will come out this summer. Watch for it and plan to be at this event, it is worth attending.

The Fort Whyte Adventure will happen on June 8th and is a fun time exploring the site for another fourteen new caches. This year there are a lot of prizes to top off a fun day of Geocaching.

For those who like to travel there are Geocaching events listed on the geocaching.com site almost everywhere. Our neighbors are quite active and would love to welcome you as we do them.

I look forward to meeting you in conversation at an event somewhere in this wonderful land we live on.

Gary Brown is the President of the Manitoba Geocaching Association (MBGA) and can be reached at [email protected].

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Ed: Canadian Border Services prefer that you have a passport or a Nexus card, but they will accept your Manitoba Driver’s License. Have a second piece of id just to be safe. – Dorothy.