Winnipeg Police Services Crime Prevention

2020! May we look forward with clarity and good decisions in mind. May we look back with sound hindsight so we may learn from the past to make good decisions going forward?

Our wish for you is the safest and happiest of New Year’s. 

As we write this, Jack Frost is definitely nipping at our nose. The winter winds have many thinking of escaping the cold, or at least minimizing its effects as we push through to the spring. Count us amongst that crowd!

Stay warm, but always keep your safety and crime prevention in mind.

As the temperatures drop, the temptation of thieves to take off in warm, idling and unlocked cars rise. A warm car is great to get into in the midst of a Winnipeg winter, but a stolen car will leave you hot under the collar. 

It’s a crime that may not only affect you and your family – but the community as a whole.

PLEASE don’t leave your vehicles running unattended. Vehicles left running unattended present a prime opportunity for thieves as they can be stolen in a matter of seconds.

Manitoba Public Insurance reports that almost 90 per cent of auto theft claims in Manitoba result from vehicles being stolen with the owners’ keys. In almost half of those cases, a set of keys was left inside the vehicle.

Don’t leave your keys in the car unattended.

• Never leave your vehicle unlocked, unattended and running (even if it’s just for five minutes!).

• Don’t leave keys in your vehicle.

• Always remember to lock your vehicle

• Park your vehicle in a well-lit area.

We had the opportunity to talk to the Staff Sergeant in Major Crimes. We told him this was the topic we would cover this month and he could not be happier.

He reminded us theft of these vehicles truly is a crime multiplier. Not only are they taking off with your vehicle, all too often these vehicles are being used to commit other crimes.

“It would probably be harder for me to find a stolen vehicle report that DIDN’T result in further crime.” was his response.

Stolen vehicles are used to expand the reach of criminals, enabling them to get to other areas of the city. Stolen vehicles also increase the escape-ability for offenders, putting the public and our officers at risk.

Many of the people we capture in these vehicles have no licenses at all or are prohibited from driving.

Protect yourself, protect your car and protect your community by ensuring your vehicle is always secured.

Crime Prevention starts with you.

Wishing everyone all the best in the New Year!