Brent Poole

Home Improvements


As the seasons change, we start to spend more time in our homes.

I get asked many questions relating to different renovation projects inside the home, from basements to bathrooms, and each task is as important as the next. However, a big saving and immediate payback can come from replacing windows.

The average house age in Winnipeg is 40 years, and window technology has changed so much over those years. There is now understanding of optimal thermal efficiencies which produce cost savings for the homeowner. An added benefit in the latest technology is a greater sound barrier, reducing in-house noise from outside sources.

Should I replace my windows? What benefit will accrue if I do? What sort of investment am I looking at? All these questions will run through your mind. Manitoba Hydro offers help in this area. This Hydro site will give you some sort of budgetary idea: https://www.hydro.mb.ca/your_home/residential_loan/

Your renovator will also be able to offer assistance. You will want advice to help choose the right windows that best suit the fenestration of your home, giving the best look, feel and balance that adds good value to your biggest asset.

As a renovator I am asked many questions regarding windows. One such question is, if I do this, how much money on energy usage can I expect to save? On average, a homeowner will save around 8% on their energy bills when using energy-efficient windows, which tend to be 40% more effective than a conventional window. These windows are triple pane, low-argon gas sealed and honestly look and work fantastic. They ensure that the elements are kept outside and that energy bills stay low. Windows have evolved into something remarkable! The latest windows are also built to last.

If you have been putting off the decision to replace your aging windows concerned about the cost, Manitoba Hydro has a program that, for small incremental monthly payments, can help fit this important renovation into your budget. Again, speak with your renovator who can offer all the details you may require and help you access the program.

Remember, when choosing a renovator, make sure they are well-qualified, insured and come with many references.

Brent Poole is the owner operator of Handy Hands Construction, which he has run with his father Jim since 1997. A carpenter by trade, Brent enjoys all types of projects. “We’re not happy until you are happy.