What’s really happening in our southwest corner of Manitoba

The ingenuity and creative ability, the grit and determination of the people of southwestern Manitoba is incredible. When you look at the long list of companies that have grown up here (and this is just a partial list), you have to marvel at the strength they bring to our province.

Take two companies from Boissevain. Goodon Industries and Western Arch Rib, both in the building materials sector, Goodon in the post frame  construction business supplying most of Canada, and Arch Rib with its glue lam structural wood product making beautiful construction materials for around the word. (Did I mention that Goodon was created by a local Metis guy who built the company from scratch?)

How about Phi Ber, from Crystal City that created a square bale spreading machine and manufactures these for Case, new Holland and John Deere, or Notre Dame des Lourdes’ Comte Industries Limited that makes livestock feeding equipment under its Tuff brand and hopper bottom cones, or Madora’s gigantic Vandal Seeds for grading, packaging and exporting to worldwide markets? Reimer Welding makes Eze Feeders for livestock and Legend Outdoor Furnaces in Cartwright. And of course, who can overlook HyLife that not only exports pork products to Asia and globally, but has also developed new food mill technology. The pipeline construction company, Subcan Ltd. operates out of Manitou building and servicing pipelines in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Did you know that there is an important hockey school in Pilot Mound? It’s a 10-month program fostering elite hockey players while providing an excellent academic background at the same time. Theren there are companies such as Minto’s Ag-Quest, researching crop pathologies and herbicide resistance, and Goodlands Environmental doing consulting work for the oil and gas industry. And we haven’t even touched on Tundra Oil and Gas, the new potash mine and so many others. . .

There is a lot going on down here. Stay tuned!

Doyle Piwniuk is the MLA for Turtle Mountain. His column will be an ongoing feature in Lifestyles to help promote our knowledge and understanding about the amazing things happening in the part of our province.


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