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Between July 15, 1905, and October 20, 1999, Eaton’s at 320 Portage Avenue was a meeting place for Winnipeggers. This story will tell the Eaton’s story by listing the contributions of some St. James residents (mostly employees). The streets are listed in alphabetical order.


  1. Addison Crescent, Barbara Kiesman 1986-90. Credit office and warehouse.
  2. Albany Alexander Edward MacGregor, a clerk. In 1942, Alexander of the RCAF died in World War 2 at the age of 25. Alexander is remembered on the Eaton’s War Memorial.
  3. Albany Jack Hallett, 1948-1977, buyer for the catalogue which included travelling to Vancouver and Toronto and being store supervisor.
  4. Albany Bernice Hallett, 1960s and 1970s, worked Downtown at the watch and jewelry repair counter.
  5. Albany Al Lennox, 38 years at Eaton’s, sold Burton Cummings his first piano.
  6. Amherst Margaret Bineau, 1965-68, Downtown Polo Park mail order, Downtown gift wrapping, cosmetics at Polo Park.
  7. Amherst Findlay Cameron, 1920s-1960s except for WW2 service, worked in the printing plant and store time office.
  8. Armour Crescent, John Mainella over 40 years beginning in the early 1960s, pharmacist and buyer. John held an executive position in the Eaton’s Retirement Club.
  9. Assiniboine Crescent, Mary Bowen during World War 1 and later, after raising her children, worked in the woman’s wear Department.
  10. Assiniboine Crescent, Victor Black, 40 years optical department.
  11. Assiniboine Crescent, Malcolm Donaldson, 1960s department manager.
  12. Assiniboine Avenue, John Lamontagne, elevator conductor (source the 1914 Henderson Directory).
  13. Assiniboine Avenue, Thomas Cormie, employed by Eaton’s for over 40 years, retiring in 1962.
  14. 14 Assiniboine Avenue, John Baxter, retired in 1970 after 40 years at Eaton’s.
  15. Assiniboine Avenue, Thomas Ewart, paymaster for western Canada retired in 1978, after 50 years at Eaton’s.
  16. Athlone Street, Shelly Gallipeau, 1970s, worked as a student at Polo Park.
  17. Baffin Bay, Georgina Baily Burstow, 1963-64, Downtown children’s wear and hat bar.
  18. Belvidere, Kathleen Bodley, the 1960s Toyland, and modelled for seventeen shows.
  19. Belvidere Street, Norm Bodley, in charge of boys and girls parcel wrapping.
  20. Belvidere Street, Mabel Bodley, baby department and children’s wear.
  21. Belvidere Street, Sid Hall implemented the security systems in Western Canada’s Eaton’s Stores, retired in 1979.
  22. Belvidere Street, Robert Brown, 1940s-1954, furniture department manager.
  23. Belvidere Street, June Brown, late 1930s, mid-1940s, 1960-70 wrapping department children’s wear.
  24. Belvidere Street, Lesley Lewis, retired in the early 1960s after more than 25 years of service. Department head worked in department 926 in the basement and second floor linen department. Often took the neighbourhood children to see Eaton’s Christmas toy display.
  25. Belvidere Street, George Blakeman, 1950s assistant department manager.
  26. Belvidere Street, Thomas Webster, 1940s-1979, manager children’s wear.
  27. Belvidere Street, Gord Sparkes, early 1960s, stock room, a member of the 1978 Eaton’s Trophy winning team at the Manitoba Bonspiel.
  28. Belvidere Street, Herb Cooper, 1950s-1960s, manager of the drapery department.
  29. Belvidere Street, Paddy Porteous, part time in the wrapping department.
  30. Belvidere Street, Grant Bodley, part time in men’s wear.
  31. Belvidere Street, Bruce Bodley part time Parcel Department.
  32. Belvidere Street, Dorothy Webster, part time in ladies’ fashions.
  33. Brooklyn Street, Albert Knight, 1931-67, delivery driver. When Albert started at Eaton’s, horses were used for deliveries.

Photo caption: Cover of the Eaton’s department store Fall and Winter 1905-6 catalogue, which commemorated the opening of their new Eaton’s store in downtown Winnipeg.

  1. Brooklyn Street, Dave Davies, over 40 years with music, window displays, and furniture refinishing departments.
  2. Buchanan Blvd., Tille Bessey, 15 years at Eaton’s Polo in Cosmetics. In 2021, Tillie celebrated her 100th Birthday.
  3. Collegiate, Dora Moir 1960s 1970s, furniture stock control.
  4. Collegiate (College Street) James Hutchinson, 1911-49, hardware manager.
  5. Columbus Crescent, George Whyte, worked for 25 years at Eaton’s Downtown. Merchandise manager for home furnishings.
  6. Columbus Crescent, Candice Bell, china department at Polo Park.
  7. Danbury Bay, Connie Crawford worked in the Catalogue Building and Downtown Store.
  8. Davidson, Darlene Harder 1970s, Eaton’s supervisor.
  9. Davidson, Kay Harder, 1960s, a clerk.
  10. Deer Lodge Place, George Stokes, 1915-21 and 1930-53, head cashier with a knowledge of exchanging currencies.
  11. Deer Lodge Place, Lesley Gamey, 1973-99, stock person, office clerk, assisted supply reps.
  12. Deer Lodge Place, Hanaye (Bunny) Nagamori, started in the early 1960s in the jewelry department Downtown before transferring to children’s wear, and toys at Polo Park.
  13. Deer Lodge Place, Rosemary Head, 1970-71, Eaton’s junior council from St. James Collegiate and cosmetic department at Polo Park. Rosemary won an Eaton’s public speaking award.
  14. Douglas Park Road, Susan Thompson, 1970s Worked for Eaton’s in Winnipeg and Calgary. Various jobs including signature supervisor, sales, buyer, and department manager. Also, Winnipeg’s Mayor, 1992-98.
  15. Douglas Park, Gordon McKinnon, 1970-71, St. James Collegiate junior council representative.
  16. Duffield Street, Jane Rush, 1970, catalogue department.
  17. Duffield Street, Anne Singbell, 1972-73, Downtown store security department.
  18. Duffield Street, Johnny Curle, 43 years (1930s-70s), radios and TV’s.
  19. Duffield Street, Howard Curle, late 1960s, the book department.
  20. Emerald Grove Drive, Allan Vernon Atwood, 1968 appointed the operating manager of Eaton’s Polo Park. Allan had previously held management positions in Prince Albert and Saskatoon.
  21. Ferry Road, Marvel D’Argis, 1961-68, mail order department.
  22. Garrioch Street, Terry Sheardown, 1950-75, worked in curtains, blinds, carpets, and interior design, manager fine furniture.
  23. Garrioch Street, Vivian Sheardown, worked in the catalogue building in the early 1900s. In 1919 received the Eaton’s Jubilee (1869-1919) book, and a letter of appreciation from John C. Eaton.
  24. Garrioch Street, Audrey Sheardown, 1976-98, baby shop and children’s wear at Eaton’s Polo Park.
  25. Garrioch Street, Linda Sheardown, 1970-78, Eaton’s Polo Park cosmetics.
  26. Garrioch Street, Sherry Sheardown, 1972-74, Polo Park small appliances.
  27. Garrioch Street, Wendy Hodgins, (Sherry Sheardown’s twin), 1975 Downtown beauty salon, 1976 Saskatoon, 1997 Polo Park until the 1999 store closing. Men’s and ladies’ fragrances.
  28. Glendale Blvd., Ian Moore, 1962-63, parcel pickup Downtown store, dispatch department.

Update on Arlington Bridge

It has now been more than 6 months since the closure of the Arlington Street Bridge and still no decision from City Council.

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