Hon. Scott Johnson<br/>
<strong>Minister's Message</strong>

Hon. Scott Johnson

Minister's Message

Dear friends,

The holiday season means many different things to Manitobans. I hope that for you, the season brought you gifts of time for contemplation and gratitude, meaningful connections with people you love, and a spirit of hope and optimism for the best of what is to come in the New Year.

Over the past few months, you may be aware that the Manitoba government has been engaging with thousands of Manitobans from all walks of life to build a plan for older Manitobans and to enable seniors to live their best, most independent, and healthiest lives.

Our expansive public engagements have been in-person and online at engagmb.ca and have included many focus groups, consultations and work with organizations representing and supporting seniors, Indigenous organizations, and connections with every day Manitobans who are seniors, who live with and care for seniors, and those who work with seniors. It was also my pleasure to travel across the province and meet with Manitobans in many communities, to hear their concerns and desires.

The seniors strategy will lay out clear plans to ensure that seniors can live healthy and active lives, safely and independently and in their own homes and community for as long as possible. We know this is of primary concern to seniors and those who love them.

Manitoba Seniors

Our government is strongly committed to ensuring that supports and resources are available for the transitions between living settings; from living independently in your own home and community to living in another setting. We are also dedicated to ensuring that quality, dependable and affordable supports are available when independent living is no longer possible.

Now that we have completed the work of asking Manitobans what they would like to see in the seniors strategy, the results of what we heard are being thoroughly evaluated and the strategy is being written.

As a senior, you have spent your life working, raising families, volunteering, and supporting and building your communities, and it is my honour to serve and support you as we prepare to share a plan that will make Manitoba an ideal place to age, live well, and prosper.

I look forward to sharing with you what Manitobans have shared with us in the consultations. It is expected that I will deliver the plan that reflects what we heard from Manitobans, before spring is upon us.

For more information on Building a Plan with Manitoba Seniors, please visit: https://engagemb.ca/building-a-plan-with-manitoba-seniors

Scott Johnston is the Minister of Seniors and Long Term Care

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