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Its funny, I recently received a phone call asking to get my ducts cleaned, the scammer company is at it again I think to myself. But it did get me to thinking, does duct cleaning make the house less dusty? What are the benefits?

Getting your ducts cleaned will help eliminate the excess dust in your home. It does this by simply blowing out any dirt, dust, and debris trapped in your ductwork. If dust is accumulating in your home, there's likely much more sitting in your ductwork. You will also help your furnace and air filter do a better job since the dust won't keep clogging it up.

Why is it important to clean your ducts? When neglected, the air ducts may accumulate dust particles, pollen, mold, and other such debris. Running the HVAC system, only recirculates the pollutants, which impact the comfort of your house and affects your family member's health.

Air ducts play a very vital role in your home. They circulate air from the heating and cooling systems to all rooms in the house, maintaining comfort throughout the year. Here are some advantages of cleaning your ducts often.

  • Your indoor air quality will improve. The air circulating through your ducts is the same that you and your family members breathe. Unfortunately, indoor air contains contaminants like pet dander, dust, volatile chemicals, carbon monoxide, and pesticides that get pulled into the HVAC unit. Over time, these pollutants accumulate within the ductwork and then re-enter your living space. Cleaning the ductwork often will help eliminate such harmful particles, improve indoor air quality, and protect your family members’ health.
  • Cleaning the ducts will boost your HVAC unit’s efficiency. Once dust particles and other debris accumulate beyond a certain level within the ductwork, they impede airflow. This will cause inefficient flow of conditioned air, leading to cold and hot spots within your house. Your HVAC unit will have to work harder to try and circulate warm or cool enough air. The unit will thus consume more energy, resulting in higher utility bills. Once you clear off the debris from the ductwork, air can travel freely, allowing the HVAC system to perform at peak efficiency and saving you money.
  • It eliminates awful odours. Stale odors may get trapped in the ductwork and repeatedly flow throughout the home. Bacteria and mold can also grow in the ducts and emit awful smells. Duct cleaning helps eliminate contaminants and dead critters and discourages insects from nesting since they are less likely to find hiding spaces in clean ducts. This will restore a fresh smell to your house.
  • You will maintain a cleaner environment. When you turn off your HVAC unit for a few hours, dust particles accumulate in the ductwork. Once you turn on the unit, the particles recirculate in the house. They settle on your beddings, furniture, floor, and other objects. You will need to dust the surfaces often to keep your home clean and hygienic. When you clean the ductwork, you prevent pollutants from getting into your house repeatedly and can keep your home cleaner for a longer time.
  • It keeps your home safe. Dirty ducts can cause a fire. Over time, dirt, lint, and other materials may accumulate within the ductwork, and when they heat up, they might ignite and cause a fire. This can lead to massive damage to valuable property and puts the lives of your loved ones at risk. The risk is even higher for those with an old HVAC unit or if you use propane for your furnace, fireplace, or stove. It’s therefore vital that you conduct regular duct cleaning to reduce fire risks and keep your house safe!
  • The air filters will last longer. The air filters trap dirt and other contaminants present in your indoor air. If there is too much dust in the ductwork, the air filters will get clogged faster than usual. You will therefore need to clean or replace them more often. This can be very tedious, so it’s a good idea that you clean the ducts often to eliminate such contaminants and help your filters last longer.

If you haven’t thought about it and it has been some time since you last had your ducts checked and possibly cleaned perhaps now is a good time to consider doing this task. Call someone local and get the best advice from them. They will be able to tell you if there are any issues you should be aware of. At the end of the day the air will be cleaner in your home with less dust.

Brent Poole is the owner operator of Handy Hands Construction, which he has run with his father Jim since 1997. A carpenter by trade, Brent enjoys all types of projects. “We’re not happy until you are happy!”