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The Poppy Campaign

The Royal Canadian Legion’s annual Poppy Campaign is gearing up. The Poppy, the international symbol of Remembrance, is worn from the last Friday in October until the end of the day on Nov. 11.

Lt-Colonel John McCrae is the person who was responsible more than any other for the adoption of the Poppy in Canada. With his poem, In Flanders Field, his words immortalized the thoughts of our soldiers and became the symbol of Remembrance for those who died. Continue reading The Poppy Campaign

Deer Lodge Centre’s community of caring

Ryan McBride

When you hear the name Deer Lodge Centre, you probably think of aging military veterans in long-term care. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Deer Lodge started out as a convalescent home for First World War vets and still maintains 140 priority access beds for veterans as part of an agreement with Veterans Affairs Canada.

Broad range of health services is delivered with unbounded care at Deer Lodge Centre.

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