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3 million Manitobans and an ever-stronger economy

By Peter Holle

It’s 2036 and Manitoba’s population just passed three million. The economy is booming.

Imagine for a moment the events needed to bring Manitoba to such a result. In 2018, let’s suppose, Manitoba finally confronted its slow-growth, deficit-ridden crisis by abandoning heavy government ownership of the economy, punitive tax rates and dependency on federal transfer grants. By narrowing government’s role in the economy, the new direction kick-started the economy and made the province a Mecca for people and investment. By holding public sector growth well below that of the private sector, Manitoba doubled its rate of economic growth. Paradoxically, a faster-growing pie produced more tax revenue for public services. Continue reading 3 million Manitobans and an ever-stronger economy

Foreign investment in Manitoba

Why does it have to be resident?

Dorothy Dobbie
Issues in the News

We are a resourceful people here in Manitoba so when things go wrong the first thing we do is try to fix it ourselves using our own ingenuity and resources, but maybe it’s time to take another tack.

Peter Holle writes in this issue about his vision for a province of three million people, where relaxed regulation and more opportunity for enterprise abound. I heartily endorse this and I have a thought about how we can do this using third party resources. Continue reading Foreign investment in Manitoba