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Time to get tough

The Tories have now had a year to ferret out the problems and the problem-makers in government. It’s now time to roll out the remedies and set Manitoba on a fast track to recovery.

Dorothy Dobbie
Issues in the News

It’s summer and you’d think it was time to put all those nagging issues away for a while and concentrate on sunshine, flowers and the beauty of nature. Still, issues don’t go away – issues such as that troubling downgrade by Standard and Poor’s and what it means for and about our provincial economy.

Premier Brian Pallister made us a promise when he came into office to officiate “the most improved province” in Canada at the end of his rule. I suspect that the downgrade is a message that our lenders expect more. Continue reading Time to get tough

Chief Peguis and the Selkirk settlers: 200 years of reverence

2017 marks the 200th anniversary since the signing of the Selkirk Treaty between Chief Peguis and Lord Selkirk. Even after two centuries, Chief Peguis is still held in the highest esteem by the descendants of Manitoba’s first homesteaders.

How miserable does life have to be to drive people to a wilderness that is 5,633 kilometres away from home and filled with unknown dangers? For the people who became the Selkirk settlers anything was better than what they were suffering. Continue reading Chief Peguis and the Selkirk settlers: 200 years of reverence

Canada Summer Games turns 50

The hottest summer games in half a century

After the excitement of the games Winnipeg will benefit from new and enhanced sport facilities that will assist our own athletes here at home for years to come. Photo courtesy of Canada Summer Games.

By Tania Moffat

What do Sidney Crosby, Lennox Lewis, Steve Nash, Cindy Klassen and Diana Matheson all have in common? Each are professional athletes within their fields, most are Olympic champions and all of them are Canada Games alumni.

This summer, Winnipeg has the honour of hosting the Canada Summer Games which will feature 16 sports, over 250 events and a major cultural festival to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the games, previous host cities and notable alumni. Winnipeg will welcome over 4,000 athletes and coaches as well as more than 20,000 visitors coming to attend the games. It is our chance to shine and showcase our fabulous city and province, to show the rest of Canada what Manitoba summers are all about. Continue reading Canada Summer Games turns 50

The promise of The Pas

Black Angus beef from The Pas is sold in Canada’s best restaurants.

Manitoba is a treasure trove waiting to be unwrapped

By Dorothy Dobbie

Traditionally, Manitobans have viewed the North as a vast, empty hinterland of muskeg, snow and damned poor sledding, topped off by an icy northern seashore teeming with polar bears roaming on rock and lichen. This view has been supported by a lack of access, real and perceived, and very little real promotion. If and when we do venture in that direction, we often go by air, which offers a vantage point that underlines the impression of uninhabitable wasteland, dotted with a couple of mines and some indigenous reserves. Continue reading The promise of The Pas

Are we ready to give the Hudson’s Bay building its second lifeline downtown?

Stefano Grande

Revitalization of the Hudson’s Bay building? That’s a tough nut to crack. It’s big; it’s old and obsolete, and built in an era in which retail was the downtown. Retail in Winnipeg is now scattered throughout the city, in big box stores and large shopping centres, and in places to which residential growth has been redirected – in the suburbs.

Today, downtown retail primarily serves office workers and local residents. Large spaces like Hudson’s Bay cannot function the way they did in the mid-1900s, and as a result its 800,000-square-foot space has been scaled down. Continue reading Are we ready to give the Hudson’s Bay building its second lifeline downtown?