Challenges on Canada’s landscape Our aging society and our productivity growth

There’s lot of kick in our aging population, and Canada needs to make use of its talent.

Advanced technology calls on a highly educated and trained workforce.

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Karma’s a fish!

Steven Wintemute
Off the Hook

They were an odd couple, an amateur fisherman and a pro, but good things happen to good people so they were meant to be winners. The big fish was their destiny.

I am a big believer that what goes around comes around. Treat people they way you want to be treated and good things will happen. Two summers ago, while fishing in a bass fishing tournament, my tournament partner became a big believer in Karma!
The tournament was a one-day event, five-fish limit with the heaviest bag of smallmouth bass weighed to be the winner.

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Eggs fit for a king-in-waiting

Ian Leatt

“Always eat a hearty breakfast, Ian,” my grandma would say. “You burn up your whole supply of energy throughout the day.”

How times have changed! In Gran’s day it was toast and porridge Monday to Saturday. Sunday was always a fry-up. Eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, tomatoes, black (blood) pudding, mushrooms, toast, hash browns – any and all of these made Sunday morning a real treat. Nothing fancy: lots of grease. Sometimes in memory of my late grandma I indulge; though sometimes, too, on other Sundays, I go for class.

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Steak, suds and safety: it’s barbecue time!

By Anita Zgbricki

Spring is here, with summer just around the corner. It’s barbecue season. Time to savor a great tasting meal you can prepare outdoors while enjoying the weather. But  make sure your barbecue is up to par. Here are some safety tips that need your attention.

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Grenada’s Gardens

Volcanic in origin, mountainous Grenada offers spectacular views from any vantage point. This garden is on a hill (almost everything in Grenada is) with achingly beautiful views.

By Veronica Sliva

I’m not much of a beach babe, so those ads for Caribbean destinations, you know the ones with sun worshippers relaxing on white sand beaches sipping cocktails, are lost on the likes of me. But, offer me an island in the sun with lots of greenery and I can’t wait to pack my bags.

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All about living in the age of maturity

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