West route for Bi-Pole III still a bad choice

The government intends that Hydro plough ahead with the construction of Bi-Pole III down the west side of the lakes starting as early as this year. This doesn’t make it right and there is still no reasonable answer as to why this decision was taken.

By Dorothy Dobbie

When unreasonable and unsupportable decisions are made by governments, it begs the question: who stand to gain?

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Happy bacteria in the garden

They’re in the soil and they can transform our mood.

Have you even noticed that gardeners, as a group, seem to be pretty happy people? Not only that, but they also seem to keep their cognitive abilities intact into very old age. There may be two very good reasons for these observations: the first has to do with happy bacteria in the soil and the second with the kind exercise we do.

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Kelvin celebrates big anniversary

Its graduates have turned up in every important field of endeavour. Here are a few: Duff Roblin and Stuart Garson, premiers; William John McKeag and Richard Bowles, Manitoba lieutenant governors; Janis Johnson and Campbell Haig, Canadian senators; Izzy Asper and Hartley Richardson, entrepreneurs.

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Challenges on Canada’s landscape Our aging society and our productivity growth

There’s lot of kick in our aging population, and Canada needs to make use of its talent.

Advanced technology calls on a highly educated and trained workforce.

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Karma’s a fish!

Steven Wintemute
Off the Hook

They were an odd couple, an amateur fisherman and a pro, but good things happen to good people so they were meant to be winners. The big fish was their destiny.

I am a big believer that what goes around comes around. Treat people they way you want to be treated and good things will happen. Two summers ago, while fishing in a bass fishing tournament, my tournament partner became a big believer in Karma!
The tournament was a one-day event, five-fish limit with the heaviest bag of smallmouth bass weighed to be the winner.

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All about living in the age of maturity

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