24 Days at HSC

Not everything in the health care system is broken. Care at Winnipeg’s two major hospitals is something to be proud of and thankful for.

By Dorothy Dobbie

Construction at HSC for a new on-campus hotel as viewed from the walkway to the William Street garage.

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Don’t get fired up! Check your alarm

Fire moves quickly

House fires, industrial fires, a fire that guts an apartment building – all this and an epidemic of arson, last winter to boot. Can we do more to prevent them?  Jim Sutton who has worked in the alarm industry for 22 years and is now education chair of the Manitoba Chapter of the Canadian Security Association says we can, and urged city council to take a series of steps that could save lives.

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Finding the road back to health after a heart incident

“You don’t think these things can happen to you,” says this heart attack victim. “It’s surreal.” But the Wellness Institute in north Winnipeg – like the Reh-Fit in the south – helps people with heart ailments find a healthy lifestyle.

By Joan Cohen

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Police matters

Is a man’s home his castle?  It may be time to look at the law which allows every person in peaceable possession of a home to use “as much force as is necessary” to prevent any person from forcibly breaking into or entering it. That law may need clarification.

By Menno Zacharias

The concept that a person’s home is inviolate originates in British common law.  In its original form the common law was intended to protect citizens not only from each other but perhaps more importantly from unlawful incursions by the King.

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All about living in the age of maturity

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