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Keep warm and have fun this winter with Creative Retirement! We have over 80 different classes, lectures and clubs for you to choose from this season. With topics varying from current issues to computers, art to fitness and history to photography, there is something for everyone. You can find our full guide online at or pick up a print copy at your local Safeway store or library. Call us at 949-2565 with any questions!


Abstract Drawing
Introduction to Zentangle
Linoblock Printing
The Colour Pencil
Watercolour & Acrylics


Armchair Travel Club
Basic Adobe Photoshop
Genealogy Club
iPad Club
Mac Club
Photography Club
Science Club
Webmaster Club


Apple Keynote

Apple Numbers 

Desktop Publishing with Word

Learn how to use Microsoft Word to create: posters, greeting cards, calendars, one-page newsletters, signs and more.

Introduction to Computers 

No Prerequisite: This is a basic ‘hands-on’ course for those with little or no computer experience.


Candle Making 

Learn how to make your own natural soy candles. Choose from a variety of colours and scents to personalize your candles.

Glass Fusing

Explore the world of glass fusing by using different forms of glass to create a candle holder.


Discover this fascinating craft and learn how to fold decorative, amusing and practical items, all from the simplest of materials, a sheet of paper.

Quilting for the Absolute Beginner 

Learn to make a lap quilt, which can be hand-stitched, in 8 weeks.

Soap Making 

Explore the fun world of Melt and Pour Soap! Our soap base is completely natural and good for sensitive skin.


Everybody’s Talkin’: The 1960s Greenwich Village Folk Music Scene 

Learn about the clubs and coffeehouses and the artists who made folk music popular and influential.

Masters of Italian Art 

Italy gave birth to a wealth of artistic creation. Geniuses such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Botticelli, Titian, Bernini, Caravaggio and Canaletto created works that have lasted beyond their lifetimes and into ours.

Image to Icon:
How Does It Happen? 

“The Mona Lisa, The Eiffel Tower, The David” – mention these names and images are conjured up in our

minds. Why are these works so immediately recognizable? Why have these images lasted over time?

Manitoba Moments: 

A Once Over Lightly History 

From the muck to the millennium. Join Ron Robinson in his seven league boots as he touches on what

made Manitoba from the massive lake Agassiz to the millennium long debate over Portage and Main.


Beekeeping for Beginners 

Discover the fascinating world of bees and beekeeping. Develop the tools and knowledge to maintain a healthy and clean hive.

Haunted Winnipeg

Meet Matthew Komus, author of Haunted Winnipeg, a book which features haunted heritage sites throughout the city, including the popular Fort Garry Hotel, King’s Head Pub, and the Legislative Building.

Indian Cuisine

Discover the wonderful flavor and immense health benefits of spice laden Indian cuisine.

Movie Making in Manitoba:
How Hollywood helped
build an industry 

From Brad Pitt to Jennifer Lopez – some of Hollywood’s brightest stars have found a temporary home in Manitoba while filming movies on location. Using movie trailers and posters,Manitoba producer Joanne Levy, will test your media IQ and answer your questions about this exciting industry.

New Iceland:
White Settler Reserve 

Join Professor and author, Ryan Eyford for a look at his book, ‘White Settler Reserve New Iceland and the Colonization of the Canadian West’. In 1875, the Canadian government created a reserve for Icelandic immigrants on the southwest shore of Lake Winnipeg. Hoping for a better life in Canada, many of the New Iceland colonists found only hardship, disappointment, or death.

Policing the Frontier 

Early Winnipeg was the wild west, the last frontier and final stop before the unsettled wilderness. What did it take to keep some semblance of control over this town of settlers, trappers and assorted characters.

Tombstone Tales 

Geneaologist Kathy Stokes gives a brief history of tombstones and grave markers – where they began, what materials were used, styles and how they have changed over the centuries.


Memory & Aging Program

This exciting program is for adults who are 50 years and older who want to learn more about how memory works and how to keep your memory sharp as you get older

Round Table Discussion on Prayer 

Do you practice prayer? Through a Round Table discussion format, you will have an opportunity to exchange views and reflect on your personal practice of prayer. The sessions will also provide you with information on the scientific findings regarding the power of prayer.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise for your body, mind and spirit.


Chocolate, cheese and wine…
oh my! 

Ever wonder what wine pairs with your favorite cheese? How about what kind of wine to pair with chocolate to create an easy dessert for any occasion. This afternoon wine pairing course will give you plenty to think about and tantalize your tastebuds at the same time.

Clean your House with

Learn how to reduce toxic chemicals in your life by using what we have on hand. More and more people are being “Greenwashed” into thinking that the products sold on store shelves are healthier, when in fact there are currently no government legislations as to what can be considered, non-toxic, green or environmentally friendly. It’s time to get back to basics and use the inexpensive safe products that our grandmothers used.

Hands on Internet Genealogy

This is an introduction to established web sites which will help genealogists in their research

Introduction to DNA Testing and Genetics for Genealogists 

A discussion of genetic traits and how they may have been inherited from our ancestors.

Introduction to Palm Reading 

Hand analysis or palmistry is an amazing science that reveals information about all aspects of your life.

Introduction to Tarot

This session will focus briefly on the history of the tarot cards and will introduce you to the art of reading them.

Tea Cup Reading 

Have you ever had your tea cup read and wanted to learn how to do it? Now you can! This easy and fun class will teach you just that.

Booking an Airplane Ticket Online 

Booking Hotels and Rental Cars Online

Learn to book your own travel plans online!

Roku? Apple TV? Overview of Home Entertainment Devices 

There are a lot of home entertainment devices available on the market. Come to this overview class and learn what these devices can and can’t do.







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