3 thoughts on “Current Issue”

  1. Yes, Dorothy Dobbie, sidewalks, which are underused by walkers, anyway, could be used by bikes. Certainly our roads are not safe for them. Our urban infrastructure does not have proper space for bikes, and squeezing them into small areas here and there isn’t working well. Many sidewalks are wide enough to divide into walk and bike lanes. On urban roads it is unwise to pretend that bikes are welcome or are competent vehicles for today’s traffic.

  2. My grandmother who lived in Germany was hit by a bicyclist while walking on the sidewalk. She broke her hip, which never mended properly and spent the last years of her life bedridden because of bicyclists and pedestrians sharing the sidewalk. My husband and I walk our dog in Assiniboine Park on the pathway and we are frequently startled by bicyclists zooming by. I have no reason to think that it would be any different if they were allowed on City of Winnipeg sidewalks.
    I find that most bicyclists have a sense of entitlement with little regard for anyone else.

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