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Deer Lodge Centre’s community of caring

Ryan McBride

When you hear the name Deer Lodge Centre, you probably think of aging military veterans in long-term care. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Deer Lodge started out as a convalescent home for First World War vets and still maintains 140 priority access beds for veterans as part of an agreement with Veterans Affairs Canada.

Broad range of health services is delivered with unbounded care at Deer Lodge Centre.

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A new perspective on nature’s needs

We don’t need lush, immaculate lawns – when it means more greenhouse and toxic gases in the atmosphere and growing menace to life on earth.

Sherrie Versluis Feathered Friends
Sherrie Versluis
Feathered Friends

The health of the environment is a hot topic throughout the world. Climate change is a leading concern with scientists and environmentalists. There are many other areas of concern like pollution of our air and lakes, deforestation, drought and the effects all of these combined problems on songbirds and beneficial insects.

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Why no transit service to MTS Ice Plex?

Thousands of people work and play year-round in this city neighbourhood.

By Fred Morris

The MTS Ice Plex, located inside the boundaries of Winnipeg, has no regular bus service. To reach the Ice Plex, transit users have an unsafe, 16-minute walk along the busy and often cold Portage Avenue underneath the Perimeter Highway overpass. There is no sidewalk on this part of Portage Avenue.

The Manitoba Junior Hockey League showcase was held in mid-December at the Ice Plex. It attracted people from many parts of Manitoba. Tourists should be able to easily access all of Winnipeg’s tourist attractions, whether or not they own a car. This lack of transit service should be an embarrassment to the city of Winnipeg. Continue reading Why no transit service to MTS Ice Plex?

The WAG’s Inuit Art Centre – a museum for the 21st century

By Stephen Borys

WAG director Stephen Borys.
WAG director Stephen Borys.

As we continue to develop the plans for the new Inuit Art Centre at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, I am constantly thinking about – and rethinking – the idea of the museum; not just what it looks like, but how it feels, communicates and functions. Through the program and stakeholder development, architectural design and the capital campaign for the IAC building project, I have been inspired and challenged to reconsider the template for the museum in the 21st century. And this is for right now – not the future. Continue reading The WAG’s Inuit Art Centre – a museum for the 21st century