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CJNU Nostalgia Radio has been on air here for 10 years!

By Adam Glynn

When CJNU – Nostalgia Radio hit the air for the first time in December, 2006, building on the efforts of other Canadian nostalgia stations, CKVN and CHNR, those involved could only dream that “the little station that could” would grow and become an integral part of the community in Winnipeg.

CJNU’s home studio is located on the 13th floor of the Richardson Building at Portage and Main, truly at the heart of the community, with space provided courtesy of the Winnipeg Foundation. But uniquely, the station moves their main broadcast location throughout the year, being broadcast each month on behalf of a different community non-profit or charitable organization. Continue reading CJNU Nostalgia Radio has been on air here for 10 years!

When your dog’s memory starts to go

dogAs we enter our senior years we become susceptible to both physical and mental deterioration. The same holds true for our pets. Although we usually focus on our elderly pets’ physical infirmities, like us, they can be afflicted with cognitive dysfunction. Their memory, their ability to learn, their awareness of their surroundings can all deteriorate. Animals who show signs of dementia are considered to have cognitive dysfunction syndrome. Most research on CDS has been done with dogs since they interact so closely with their owners. Continue reading When your dog’s memory starts to go

Tea with Alice

helen-harperTrouble? She’d just go and work in the garden!

She is what I have become.

“I’m 99 this year and I’ve outlived my husband, one daughter and the last doctor I saw in 1937, so Tyler you’re a young person. I think I need to start eating junk food. What do you suggest?” After my son choked on his tea and gave me a very worried look, he decided, “Well Auntie there’s always Doritos.” Continue reading Tea with Alice

Sorting it all out

Jim Pappas CJNU
Jim Pappas

Give, while you’re around to see your family enjoy your treasures.

We have just been through 10 weeks of sorting out about 75 years of living for a family member. We thought it was an easy task but it turned out to be much more convoluted and difficult than we had imagined. After all, there was so much history and so much to sort through. Continue reading Sorting it all out

The defence of Hong Kong: the 75th anniversary

“If Japan goes to war there is not the slightest chance of holding Hong Kong …” So said Winston Churchill nearly a year before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Nevertheless, nine months later 2,000 Canadian troops arrived at Hong Kong to stiffen the defences. Continue reading The defence of Hong Kong: the 75th anniversary