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Memories of Christmas

Jim Pappas

I remember going to the old Tivoli Theatre across from Westminster Church to a Saturday matinee as a young boy. Every Saturday there was a double bill of two movies with cartoons, newsreels, and several serials that we all loved to cheer or jeer at.

One Saturday, as was our usual trek with our allowance burning a hole in our pockets, my brother Chrys and I were off to our Saturday movie. Much to my surprise the movie was called “O. Henry’s Full House” and what stayed with me was a charming vignette called “The Gift of the Magi” with Jeanne Crain and Farley Granger. As I have always been a very sentimental person, I loved the story and the fact that they both gave up something that was precious to themselves to get a gift for one another. Continue reading Memories of Christmas

Family Dynamics – strengthening families and communities for 80 years

By Holly Puckall and Millie Braun

Winnipeg in the 1930s:

The stock market crashed at the end of 1929, the price of wheat fell to below the cost of seed and the Great Depression smothered the Prairies with poverty and unemployment. On top of that, 1930 was the start of a ten year drought and dust storms. Many were forced to move from farms to the cities to search for new jobs. In 1932, the unemployment rate in Winnipeg was the second highest in Canada. Continue reading Family Dynamics – strengthening families and communities for 80 years

The women of my past

Jim Pappas

I was indeed a very lucky person to be the first born grandchild in my mother’s family. I was surrounded by women from a very early age and, as I grew and matured, I began to see the benefit of having them in my life.

They were a complex group, my mother and her sisters. There were so many facets to them that it left the mind dizzy trying to sort it all out. Continue reading The women of my past

CJNU Fundraiser success!

By Adam Glynn

From October 26th-29th, CJNU held its Fourth Annual Pledge Weekend – a celebration of everything the radio station is, does, and can be – and the one time during the year when the phone lines are thrown open, and the community is asked to give back to ‘the little station that could’. CJNU is still on the air largely thanks to direct listener support – and that support has been truly overwhelming. Fifty-seven hours of special programming later, and we’ve smashed through our fundraising target of $40,000 – currently sitting at $44,237 and rising. We couldn’t be more grateful for the vote of confidence we’ve been given by our listeners. Continue reading CJNU Fundraiser success!

Taking the museum to new heights at a new location

Helen Halliday

From the Wright brothers to the “Right Stuff” science has been pushing the boundaries of how high, how fast, how far we can travel.

The Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada is one of those rare gems that tells us the stories of the bravery and perseverance of bush pilots opening up the North and helps us to fully understand the sacrifices necessary to connect cultures, promote trade and economic prosperity and explore our planet in new ways. The stories are compelling and must be told and re-told, not only to honour those from the past, but inspire those who will secure our future. Continue reading Taking the museum to new heights at a new location