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People have a right to expect good opposition to government

By Fred Morris

In 2011, the provincial Conservatives promised in a well-circulated brochure to invest $3.9 million in the expansion of the St. James Civic Centre. This expansion would create a new home for the St. James Assiniboia 55-Plus Centre. Since the 2016 election, the project has stalled due to the new PC government’s refusal to provide their portion of the funding. It has become a broken promise. I have tried to get the two provincial NDP, and three Liberal leadership candidates to at least mention this issue. They refused. What should we expect from our opposition leaders?

Between April 22, 1963 and Sept. 9, 1967 John Diefenbaker set a high standard for opposition leaders. During this time, many PCs were trying to replace him with a younger more electable leader. However, Dief continued to do his job. He continually held the Liberal government accountable. He dealt with Lucien Rivard’s prison break, the political upholstery scandal, Pierre Trudeau’s dress in the House of Commons and the proposed flag. In Peter Newman’s book, The Distemper Of Our Times, it is pointed out that Prime Minister Pearson was frustrated by Diefenbaker tearing “most of their legislative attempts to shreds.” Continue reading People have a right to expect good opposition to government

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Make yourselves a ‘Flan-tastic’ day.

Ian Leatt

What is it about familial events that make us all go a little crazy? Thanksgiving, a celebration between family and friends, is always a ritual that we all want to believe in. The gathering of everyone around the table makes for many a fun time.

Who cooks the turkey? What vegetables do we have? Of course, pumpkin pie! This time around why not try something in conjunction with your festive pie. How about a little flan to make the palate complete after the feast. Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Make yourselves a ‘Flan-tastic’ day.

Mindfulness can help you deal with life’s stresses

Janet Cranston
Fit for Life

Each day you face multiple demands, such as taking care of loved ones, making financial decisions or developing priorities at work. Your body treats these demands as threats. How you respond to these demands will play a big part in your overall happiness and how long you live.

When you encounter a perceived threat – for example, a large dog barks at you during your morning walk, or you receive an upsetting text or email from a family member or friend — your hypothalamus, a tiny region at the base of your brain, sets off an alarm system in your body and releases hormones. The release of these hormones causes increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure and boosts your energy supplies. These hormones also increase sugars in the bloodstream and alter your immune system. This complex natural alarm system also communicates with regions of your brain that control mood, motivation and fear. Continue reading Mindfulness can help you deal with life’s stresses

Parkinson’s disease: a complex enemy

But medical researchers are making progress.

By Michael Badejo

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the nervous system that affects movement. It starts gradually and worsens over time. It affects one in every 500 people in Canada. More than 6,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.

Tremors and shaking of the hands are the first symptoms most people think of when they hear the words “Parkinson’s disease”, but according to Mayo Clinic, other important signs and symptoms include:

Slowed movement. Over time, Parkinson’s disease may reduce your ability to move and slow your movement, making simple tasks difficult and time-consuming. Your steps may become shorter when you walk, or you may find it difficult to get out of a chair. Also, you may drag your feet as you try to walk, making it difficult to move. Continue reading Parkinson’s disease: a complex enemy

What creates downtown vibrancy?

Stefano Grande

Recently I was as asked to tackle this question as a guest speaker of the Downtown Boise Association Annual General Meeting. What I thought would be a quick 15-minute PowerPoint presentation became a deep-dive, soul-searching exercise that lasted for days!

A vibrant downtown, as I understand it, is defined differently by different people. I believe vibrancy is the interaction between lots of diverse people in an incredible collection of unique places. A vibrant downtown is where people come home to, go to work or hang out with friends. Continue reading What creates downtown vibrancy?