About Lifestyles55

Lifestyles 55 is dedicated to providing information that meets the needs, concerns and interests of two generations of this province’s older citizens:

  • Its main focus is the Boomer generation, the “sandwich” generation whose children in the main have recently left home but who have aging parents to care for.  Still, as they near retirement, this generation has a new opportunity to savour the world around them. This is an active and involved generation in the 55-plus age range. They are interested in issues affecting the city where they live; they enjoy travel and new experiences and they are looking for information regarding personal development, health, cultural activities, recreation and food matters along with reliable advice on healthy living and information that promotes their understanding of legal matters and personal finance. They are helping their kids get established and looking forward to the experience of being grandparents.
  • A secondary focus is on “seniors”, those who are retired and appreciating the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labours. They are usually a less active group but not necessarily less alert. They share many of the younger cohort’s interests, but increasingly are looking for assurance that the world that beckons actually welcomes them and is taking reasonable steps to meet their needs. They are interested in legacies, in assisted living, in their grandchildren. As they age, they rely more and more on their own aging children at the lower end of the Lifestyles readership.

In short, Lifestyles 55 endeavours to function as a link between Winnipeg’s – and Manitoba’s — older generations and the world in which they live, and to contribute to the bond between them. We succeed when that bonding works in two directions and to the extent that it grows ever stronger.

2 thoughts on “About Lifestyles55”

  1. I belong to a non profit arts organization (Prairie Canada Carvers Association) that has been running an annual carving competition in Winnipeg for 27 years- one of the largest and longest running shows in North America. We also offer carving workshops for folks- mostly for retirees who have time to spare and are looking for something new to do. Please let me know if our activites fit into your literature- which seems to run the full gamet of health & recretional interests. I look forwar to your feedback.

  2. I am the client manager at Golden Healthcare Resources. We have companion support workers, certified healthcare aides, and registered nurses available for home care, appointment escorts, house duties, and help with personal hygiene care. All our staff are vetted for proper Manitoba licensing and vulnerable sector record checks. We have been a well-respected agency for 10 years and we would love to share our services with you. If you need an extra hand or if you are a caregiver who could use a little respite time for yourself, give us a call.
    204-772-4499 or email gina.borges@goldenhr.ca

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