CJNU Fundraiser success!

By Adam Glynn

From October 26th-29th, CJNU held its Fourth Annual Pledge Weekend – a celebration of everything the radio station is, does, and can be – and the one time during the year when the phone lines are thrown open, and the community is asked to give back to ‘the little station that could’. CJNU is still on the air largely thanks to direct listener support – and that support has been truly overwhelming. Fifty-seven hours of special programming later, and we’ve smashed through our fundraising target of $40,000 – currently sitting at $44,237 and rising. We couldn’t be more grateful for the vote of confidence we’ve been given by our listeners.

As you likely already know, CJNU 93.7FM is Winnipeg’s only English language community radio station. A not-for-profit cooperative – founded by a group of retired radio professionals in 2006, and with roots stretching back to 1995 – Nostalgia Radio has been broadcasting consistently for 11 years and counting, delivering ‘the music and the message’. But what does that mean?

It means that a team of over 100 volunteers – from the board of directors, to the voices you hear on the air – work hard to produce 16 hours of locally originated programming every day! Programming which features the smoothest nostalgic music recorded over the last century, and information on the many charities, not-for-profit organisations and community groups in Winnipeg that may otherwise get little or no media coverage.

CJNU has always worked hard to ‘accentuate the positive’, by being a distinct and different voice and sound at the heart of the Winnipeg community, with intergenerational programming that targets the “generally underserved 50 plus population”. That line is written into our licence from the CRTC! It’s a radio station which is run very differently to the others on the dial – powered almost entirely by those volunteers, and running limited advertising for local businesses.

On behalf of everyone at CJNU, thank you for sustaining YOUR radio station. If you still wish to make a contribution, we will continue to accept donations via our website at CJNU.ca. You can also become a member of our co-op, and take ownership in CJNU!

Adam Glynn is station manager for CJNU.

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