Taking the museum to new heights at a new location

Helen Halliday

From the Wright brothers to the “Right Stuff” science has been pushing the boundaries of how high, how fast, how far we can travel.

The Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada is one of those rare gems that tells us the stories of the bravery and perseverance of bush pilots opening up the North and helps us to fully understand the sacrifices necessary to connect cultures, promote trade and economic prosperity and explore our planet in new ways. The stories are compelling and must be told and re-told, not only to honour those from the past, but inspire those who will secure our future.

Our story also extends beyond the walls of our hangar. Since joining the museum as president and CEO last August, I have been become fully immersed in this astounding organization that resides so appropriately within a dynamic international airport and aerospace community. I now know that Winnipeg boasts the largest aerospace industry in Western Canada. This fact also needs to be told and re-told in promoting our province.

For 43 years, the museum has enjoyed the passion and dedication of a small employee team and 100+ volunteers who together have been the backbone of securing our global reputation for having one of the most significant bush plane collections in the world and one of Canada’s most extensive collections of aircraft and aviation artifacts. We continue to grow in stature, collections, educational programming, and visitations – so much so, that it is time to move and make way for the current owners of the hangar, Exchange Income Corporation, to expand their business for the benefit of Manitobans as they strengthen and expand our dynamic aerospace industry.

We thank EIC for being our lead donor to the capital campaign for our new facility and to Winnipeg Airports Authority for providing the fabulous, highly visible location that will place us front and centre in delivering an iconic welcome and first impression of our city.

If you have already donated to the museum campaign, then I thank you for recognizing the value of this investment. If you haven’t yet had a chance to make your donation… we are ready for you. Be sure to call, email, or mail today to make your donation and climb aboard as we take the museum to new heights for the benefit of all.

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