CJNU Nostalgia Radio has been on air here for 10 years!

By Adam Glynn

When CJNU – Nostalgia Radio hit the air for the first time in December, 2006, building on the efforts of other Canadian nostalgia stations, CKVN and CHNR, those involved could only dream that “the little station that could” would grow and become an integral part of the community in Winnipeg.

CJNU’s home studio is located on the 13th floor of the Richardson Building at Portage and Main, truly at the heart of the community, with space provided courtesy of the Winnipeg Foundation. But uniquely, the station moves their main broadcast location throughout the year, being broadcast each month on behalf of a different community non-profit or charitable organization.

Bill bids adieu, Adam steps up.
Bill bids adieu, Adam steps up.

The station celebrated its 10th birthday Dec. 2 with a special live broadcast, held from noon to 1:30 p.m. from the concourse of the Richardson Building. The show went off without a technical hitch. Though the only nostalgia station in Winnipeg, CJNU uses cutting-edge technology,with the broadcast relayed via the Internet to the main studio, and onward to the transmitter!

Scott Best being interviewed by Bill Stewart.
Scott Best being interviewed by Bill Stewart.

The birthday celebration program was led by retiring CJNU station manager Bill Stewart, who stood down following a four-year stint as manager and six years prior as board president.

There were many familiar voices on hand, including Roger Currie, who delivered a live newscast; Garry Moir with a “history vault” feature, demonstrating how radio sound effects were produced; and appearances from a number of CJNU announcers, many of whom were involved with the station from the very first days.

Poignant for many was a clip from CJNU’s first day featuring the voice of the late Gary Robertson, who was instrumental in founding Nostalgia Broadcasting Cooperative.

We’re storing up great memories now for the next 10 years!

Adam was just a teenager when CJNU was born.

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