Get moving, and do your body a favour

photo-2015-11-30-3-17-28-pmKristin Pauls

There’ll be a bonus in it for you if you bring a pal along with you.

It wasn’t long ago that we were soaking up the sun and enjoying late summer nights. Now with the leaves changing, cooler weather and shorter days, there is no denying that fall is here. Often when seasons change so do our routines, but changes aren’t always easy.

Over this past year Lindsay Somers, the resident Forks fitness guru as well as personal lifestyle health coach, has been finding everyday ways to be fit at The Forks. You might be wondering how she does it, especially since there is not a track or typical gym to be seen on site. But her approach to being fit isn’t typical either. Instead, it’s a practical fitness that everyone can enjoy, regardless of the season of life you’re in or the season outside.

“Fitness allows me to live my life to the fullest by giving me the energy and ability to take part in life,” says Somers. “Fitness is being outside with people, fully enjoying the time spent together.”

In 2013, Lindsay’s mother was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. She was given only months to live. As Lindsay today puts it, she “is living on borrowed time”. And every day, Lindsay uses the extra time to live life to the fullest with her mom.

“My mom will often ask to go for a walk at The Forks,” Lindsay says. “She’s in a wheelchair now, but walking at The Forks is one of our favourite ways to be together. We start with the intention of a walk and come home with so much more.”fall-at-the-forks

Together they wander paths and stop to appreciate the changing seasons.

“We’ll sit perched on a bench by the river, watching a mama duck and her baby ducks paddle along,” Somers remembers. “Then my mama will tell me a sweet story about my brothers and me that I’ve never heard before. We will stroll around the grounds effortlessly in the wheelchair. The Forks offers us a place to visit and be still.”

Doing something as simple as walking can keep you active while being able to spend time with those near to you.

“The best part of being active is that it doesn’t have to be a solo sport,” Lindsay says. “Whether it’s my mom, or nephews, or neighbours, or best friends, fitness is something that brings us all together if we want it to. And The Forks is a great accessible space to do that in.”

If you are looking for more ideas of things to keep you moving, Lindsay has created several simple workouts at The Forks that are modifiable for all fitness levels available on The Forks blog. (Visit for details.) Her hope is to see people integrate fitness into a lifestyle and incorporate the people around them.

“No matter your age, moving your body should be fun because fitness is simply playing with those around you,” Lindsay explains. “Keep it simple and start with a walk. Create opportunities for you to move with those around you. The opportunities are there; you just have to take advantage of them.”

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