Confessions of a baseball junkie (Part IV)

Confessions of a baseball junkie (Part IV)

Tom Dercola

Join the crowd at Shaw Park! Photo credit Tom Dercola.
Join the crowd at Shaw Park! Photo credit Tom Dercola.

As the Goldeyes season winds down, there is excitement in the air for baseball junkies. Still lots of promotions and … maybe playoffs! Some of the promotions in August have been great fun: Bingo Night or the Pancake Strikeout event, where more than 5,000 fans went home with a coupon for free pancakes. Ukrainian Night, unfortunately, was terminated in its early innings by a vicious thunder storm.

To round out the regular season, the Goldeyes have a four-game home stand against Fargo-Moorhead, and there will be a special promotion for every game:

Sept. 2 Baseball card giveaway

Sept. 3 Fireworks

Sept. 4 Team photo giveaway and pre game autographs

Sept. 5 Fan appreciation day

But there may well be more! At the time of writing this, the Goldeyes were four games up in the berth for the wild card spot in the playoffs. What does that mean and how does it work?

The American Association is divided into three divisions, and the winner of each division, no matter what their record, earns a spot in the playoffs. The wild card spot goes to the team with the highest winning percentage among all the rest of the teams.

For our example, we are assuming the standings as of

Aug. 17. The first round matchup would pit the Goldeyes against the winners of the North Division, the St. Paul Saints, in a best of five series. Why against a team in the same division? The answer is geography and travel distance. The pennant winners in the Central and South Divisions would go head to head in the other first round matchup.

Tom is old enough to remember the 1960 World Series when Bill Mazeroski’s Game 7 won the title for the Pirates with a game-winning home run off the New York Yankees in the bottom of the ninth inning.

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